Licence threat removed

THE future of a second popular nightspot looks to have been secured after a series of new conditions were agreed by bar owners.

Yates’s, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, could have had its licence revoked after Cleveland Police complained about the increasing number of crime and disorder incidents at the venue in recent months.

Police say there have been 17 incidents in the past six months including a bag snatch, a brawl, a woman being hit in the face with a stool and an under-age person who was alone with an alcoholic drink in front of him.

But the owners have agreed to a series of measures including closing the back doors in Lucan Street and appointing a new premises supervisor.

It comes just days after the owners of Rockies, in Church Street, agreed to a raft of conditions to secure its future after police also applied for a review of their premises licence after a number of incidents of crime and disorder.

But its future was secured after the owners agreed a 2am closing time, rather than 3am, and agreed to use a CCTV system and introduce a Challenge 21 policy.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s licensing act sub-committee will meet next week to discuss the future of Yates’s. But licensing officers say the meeting is expected to be a formality due to the new measures agreed.

A council report said: “Cleveland Police has requested a review of the premises licence on the grounds that there has been a significant increase in the amount of crime and disorder taking place at the premises over recent months.

“An action plan designed to rectify the situation was agreed with the designated premises supervisor, but it had failed to have a positive impact.

“Following the application for review the licence holder has made a number of changes to the management of the premises, including the appointment of a new designated premises supervisor, the closure of the rear entrance doors and new working arrangements for door supervisors.”

Nobody from Yates’s was available for comment on the situation.

Yates’s current licence allows the venue to sell alcohol between 9am-2am Monday to Sunday. The popular bar can also show films, live and recorded music and provide late night refreshment until 2.30am seven days a week.

Before the new conditions were agreed, councillors could have chosen to either revoke the licence, take no action or modify the conditions after hearing evidence from both the licence holder and representatives from Cleveland Police.

The licensing act sub-committee will meet on Thursday at 9.30am at the Civic Centre, in Victoria Road, to discuss the venue.