Lifesaving granddad donates 100th pint of blood

Michael Gibson who has donated blood for the 100th time is pictured with his trophy.
Michael Gibson who has donated blood for the 100th time is pictured with his trophy.

A GRANDDAD has proved once again he’s a lifesaver after donating his 100th pint of blood.

Michael Gibson first started to give blood to save the lives of others when he was just 18-years-old.

And now at the age of 72, he still makes two or three trips a year to donor sessions.

Michael, who has been married to Margaret for 49 years, went to an awards ceremony organised by health chiefs at Craythorne Hall, in Yarm, where he had a meal and was presented with a certificate and a crystal trophy in recognition of his donations.

It wasn’t the first time Michael has been praised for his efforts in helping others after he was hailed a hero back in 2000 for his part in saving two young boys who had got into difficulty on rocks off Blackhall.

Plucky dad-of-three Michael, then aged 58, was walking his dog Jip whe he spotted the youngsters in danger and scrambled down to the water’s edge before diving in and dragging the youngsters to safety.

Michael, a retired site supervisor from Blackhall Rocks, said he was delighted to have received the award but modestly said it was just one of those things that “has to be done”.

He said: “I’ll keep doing it until I can’t get on the bed anymore!

“I think it just has to be done when you see all of the accidents with kids, and adults for that matter, on the television.

“Apparantly only four people in 100 give blood and I don’t think that’s anywhere near enough.

“To save somebody’s life can only be a good thing.”

“It makes me proud, as long as I’m saving somebody’s life.”

His wife Margaret said: “I’m so proud of him, he’s quite a lifesaver really.

“He saved those boys and now he’s got this award, it’s just lovely.

“He’s my lifesaver!”