Light thieves strike within just 12 hours

Sharon Henry has had garden solar lights stolen
Sharon Henry has had garden solar lights stolen

A disabled mum was left upset after thieves stole two solar lights from her home within hours of being installed.

Sharon Henry, who suffers from a hereditary genetic condition, got the lights to improve visibility and make her home more attractive.

Her partner Robert Sales bought and installed four of the lights outside their home in Fraser Court, Hartlepool.

But two of them were taken less than 12 hours later.

Sharon, 51, has the condition neurofibromatosis that cause tumours to grow along the nerves.

She lost her right leg to it five years ago and uses a wheelchair when the tumours in her back cause her pain and discomfort.

She said: “They were all in the garden at 6pm. By 4am two were gone. They weren’t even up 12 hours before they were taken.

“I was very upset, I have never known myself get so upset as I did. They didn’t even last a day.

“I had been nagging my partner for months about getting some. It would have just been nice to have a nice garden to sit out in.

“They made the garden look nice and gave a bit more light out there.”

Sharon, whose daughter Zoe Henry, 22, also has the same condition, is supported in her home by two carers from Hartlepool Families First.

One of her support workers said it would have been obvious to the thieves that the thieves were stealing from disabled due to the nature of her home.

The worker, who did not wish to be named, said: “I was angry because I know Sharon was upset. She is the kind of person who will help anybody and go out of her way.

“She is always smiling. There are wheelchairs outside the house and a disabled sticker on the front doors so the thieves would have known.”

The police have been informed about the lights theft.

Sharon is trying to start a local support group for people with the condition known as NF which affects around one in 2,500 people.

For information call Sharon on (01429) 723038