Little Lewis is going on the run for charity which helps his autistic sister

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A kindhearted boy is going on the run to raise funds for a charity which helps his autistic little sister.

Lewis Breary, six, loves running, so has decided to combine it with his love for his sister Lily and raise funds for Daisy Chain - a charity set up to support families affected by autism in the Tees Valley.

Lewis is to run the inaugural mini Simplyhealth Great Tees Run in September in Stockton and he has already beaten his fundraising target of £150.

Five-year-old Lily, big brother Lewis, mum Amanda and dad Jamie, from Billingham, all attend Daisy Chain, and are particularly grateful for the new monthly sessions for children with high needs.

Mum Amanda says it was very clear from an early age that Lily had autism.

She said: “When she reached 12 months, it was obvious she was not reaching her milestones - not clapping or babbling.

“We asked for an early two-year check and then started on the path to diagnosis. Lily was diagnosed by the time she was three.

Amanda is grateful for the help her children have received from the charity, which supports more than 2,000 families providing respite, activities, social clubs, advice and guidance.

“Daisy Chain is a brilliant charity. For so long Lily was locked in her own world, but slowly she is improving.

“It’s a lifeline for so many families, and I am so proud that even at just six years old Lewis wants to give something back.”

Lewis will be running in the mini 2k along the banks of the River Tees on September 8.

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