Loan scam warning

POLICE are warning people applying for a loan of a scam that has left one woman £85 out of pocket.

Cleveland Police are urging people not to give bank details over the phone after a woman was duped by a caller.

She had applied for a loan with a company, which was acting as a loan broker, by post but a crook managed to get hold of her details.

They rang her to say she had been successful in obtaining the money and all she had to do was go to a PayPoint machine and pay £85.

She did what was asked then phoned the “foreign sounding man” and gave a 10 digit number from the receipt, which they said would allow them to collect the £85 from the PayPoint centre via the internet.

She was told the loan would be in her bank account within two hours - but it never arrived.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “It is quite a complicated way to dupe the public into believing they will receive a loan and we are warning people not to give out any bank information over the phone as these types of scams are usually out to make a quick profit and then move on.”