Local elections 2012: Hart ward

Falcon Road.
Falcon Road.

FACILITIES for older children are among the priorities for residents in the Hart ward.

Residents living in the ward, which includes the village of Hart and the Bishop Cuthbert estate, say they are happy with life but have called for more things for children including a skate park.

Calls have also been made for a better bus service for the whole of the Bishop Cuthbert estate.

A major talking point in the ward has been the decision to keep Falcon Road open.

The issue has been ongoing for six years but campaigners expressed their “relief” in March after senior councillors voted to keep the controversial road open.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s cabinet committee voted two to one in favour of overturning their earlier decision to close Falcon Road.

The road has divided the local community after some Falcon Road residents wanted it closing due to concerns about the safety and volume of traffic.

But people living elsewhere on the Bishop Cuthbert estate were against the idea because they said it would increase traffic on other roads, particularly Hart Lane, and leave only two access roads to the estate.

Meanwhile, a new crossing aimed at boosting road safety has been welcomed.

The council has spent £45,000 building the puffin crossing in Easington Road, close to the roundabout at the King Oswy Drive junction.

The work has been funded using money from the local authority’s transport plan.

Transport chiefs say it is much-needed as the only other safe place for pedestrians to cross is several hundred yards away, near The Saxon pub.


“My name is Bob Addison and I have lived in Hart ward for 30 years.

“I am retired so would devote a lot of time to the ward.

“I have worked in a wide variety of situations both locally and abroad.

“If elected I would try to reduce the appalling waste of money and oppose important decisions being taken in secret such as the awarding of contracts without them being put out to tender and awarding a huge rise to the executive.

“The new planning regulations will require close scrutiny to avoid abuse.

“The loss of most of Hartlepool hospital is a blow but this should have been opposed years ago when New Labour was in power.

“I would try to address problems in the ward as they arose and serve the whole town and not just some narrow party interest, which is why I am standing as an independent.”


“Educated at Jesmond Road and the Girls High School and trained as a nurse at Cameron and St Hilda Hospitals, all now gone!

“I was a nurse at British Steel before obtaining a degree in podiatry, as a mature student.

“I now have my own chiropodist surgery in the Arches, Park Road.

“Many people believe politicians are out for what they can get or are just mouthpieces singing the tune played from party HQ in London.

“Hence our hospital being run down without a word of protest from most councillors.

“National party politics at its very worst!

“However, I believe Putting Hartlepool First genuinely want the best for our town and residents rather than blindly following any party whip.

“It’s time for a change and for Hartlepool councillors who put the town first rather than themselves or their party political careers.

“Please put Hartlepool First on May 3. Thank you.”


“I am a great believer in actions speaking louder than words and I stand on my record of being someone who has worked tirelessly for the good of our community.

“I am a volunteer youth leader and I play an important part in the running of a popular youth project.

“I was instrumental in attracting funding for Hartlepool’s first youth bus this year.

“I remain passionate about providing a safe, supported place to be for young people and trying to work with hard-to-reach groups to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

“I believe that councillors should be visible and work hard for the area they represent.

“If elected I will work tirelessly with the rest of the local Labour team and residents to attract much needed investment to improve the area.”


“Over the last three years, I have worked as a Hart Resident Representative with support from David Nin.

“Together we have championed road safety, health and safety, planning matters around the rights of residents, budgets, transport, funding, management, quality standards, customer care, business development and much more.

“I have really enjoyed the experience, but to influence and prevent mistakes before they happen, I would like to be your councillor.

“It is time to hear Hart ward residents and get your town on track by:

l Monitoring our money to get the best out of every pound, in and out of the council;

l Lobbying for transparency so that you know what is going on;

l Listening to all issues for all residents and not allowing any injustice;

l Setting up an effective public transport system;

l Challenging anti-social behaviour.


“I am delighted to be a Labour Party candidate in Hart.

“My grandparents lived in the ward well over 40 years and I have many friends in the area.

“I work in child protection and with children with disabilities and their families.

“I have worked with families on the hard line.

“Julie and I have a 10-year-old son Robert.

“We are a working family so we know these are tough times for working families.

“But they are equally tough if you are on a pension, a single parent or single person or one of the increasing number of our citizens out of a job.

“We have government for the few, for the rich and out of touch.

“We want a government for working families, those on fixed incomes and the vulnerable.

“Send the message that puts you, your family and your community first and vote Labour on May 3.”


“I promise the residents of Hart ward that my honest, single, leaflet which will soon fall through your letterbox means exactly what it says.

“I’m offering genuinely independent representation which is free from any diluting or diverting pressures from any political party whatsoever.

“Your requirements, complaints, and even aspirations will therefore become mine too and receive the undivided attention that they deserve.

“My leaflet refers to a Personal Guarantee and without fear of contradiction I here assure you all of my straightforward honesty within that statement.

“I have experienced party politics at the highest levels and I’ve found that it falls well below my personal standards.

“My brand of democracy has led me toward actually representing the community and not representing any party.

“If you will trust me with your vote you may be assured that the council chamber may not be comforted by my presence but you will.”


“If elected as your UKIP councillor I pledge to:

“Oppose any increase to council tax and business rates;

“Oppose any increases in parking charges;

“Bring back weekly bin collections;

“Limit the number of high paid council employees;

“Greatly reduce fees paid to consultants;

“Cut council executives and managers, not front line services;

“Improve health care for the elderly.

“A vote for me on May 3 will be a vote for reform and change.

“The changes UKIP proposes will take party politics out of local government thereby giving you the residents of Hartlepool a greater say in your council.

“Your vote will connect you to a widely respected national party, complete with a constitution and manifesto.

“However you can rely on UKIP councillors to put the people’s needs first ahead of party dogmas.”


“I’m delighted to be standing as your Local Conservatives candidate in the Hart ward.

“I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting many of you over the past year, listening and dealing with your concerns.

“Over the coming weeks I intend to speak to as many more of you as possible, giving you time to discuss local issues and find out what I’ve been doing on your behalf.

“This year you have the opportunity to elect an entirely new council.

“One led by Local Conservatives that will look at the horizon, not the headlines; that cares about working for the long-term good, not the short-term popularity; that works in the town’s interest, not the party interest and that like you, lives within its means.

“It’s time for change in Hartlepool, so on May 3 I ask you to make one of your three votes count by voting for me, Shane Moore.”


“Life is strange, I support Christine Blakey as a Hart Resident Representative and suddenly I am relishing the challenges faced myself!

“I have even been on training to gear me up with more knowledge on community development.

“I would like to use this and my expertise in business development to stop the wastage in the council as we cannot afford it.

“My priorities will be yours, so first and foremost I will be protecting services and jobs on the ground, not pay rises and pensions up top!

“I can induce the tight management that is much needed, benefiting residents by making the Civic work for us, like never before.

“This is not just an election time promise, it is a continuous drive but as councillors we could do more for you over the coming years.

“Please vote wisely.”


“I have lived in Hart ward for the past 42 years and been privileged to serve as your councillor for the last year.

“Councillors should be readily available to listen to residents concerns and represent them.

“This will always be my approach.

“It is important that we keep our hospital and I will continue to fight to maintain our services.

“We need to focus on the huge number of young people who are not in education, employment or training.

“I will continue to fight for more facilities for our children of all ages.

“I am a community councillor and represent all people putting politics aside.

“We need to concentrate on local issues.

“My vision for Hart ward is to create a safe, clean, healthy environment where families feel secure.

“I will with your help like to continue to represent the Hart ward. Please vote for me on May 3.”