Love rat fails to appear in court

NO SHOW: Adam Lloyd-Harris
NO SHOW: Adam Lloyd-Harris

A LOVE rat who conned £20,000 out of his girlfriend has been branded an “actor” after failing to turn up for the 19th court appearance in his case.

East Durham man Adam Lloyd-Harris admitted theft and fraud charges in December 2011 after swindling Janine Munroe, from Sunderland, out of her life savings by wooing her with gifts paid for by cash stolen from her bank account.

But the 32-year-old has since repeatedly failed to turn up at court - and convinced police to release him twice - on the basis he is suffering a potentially deadly kidney disease.

Despite failing to appear at Newcastle Crown Court again on Wednesday, Lloyd-Harris admitted through his lawyers his year on the run makes him guilty of an absconding offence.

The court heard the conman, who is currently in custody in Nottingham, convinced prison doctors he was too ill to attend yesterday’s hearing.

But prosecutor John Brennan told the court: “I think he is a very good actor, it is very simple for him to put this pain on and convince the doctor he is too ill to travel.”

Mr Brennan told the court he has read an expert’s report, along with dozens of pages of Lloyd-Harris’s medical notes.

He added: “This man suffers from a very rare condition which mostly effects women.

“It is essentially a pain with microscopic blood in the urine.

“He has, over the period of time this case has been running, tried to tell people he is suffering from renal failure.

“The doctor says he does not suffer from renal failure at all.”

Judge James Goss QC adjourned the hearing until Friday when Lloyd-Harris is expected to appear via videolink to the prison in Nottingham.

The judge said if Lloyd-Harris, formerly of Peterlee, refuses to appear for that hearing he wants to hear from the prison doctor who classified him as unfit to travel yesterday.

The judge said: “I imagine the doctor would be cautious, I think it may be caution rather than anything else.”