Love-rat is still to be sentenced

CORRECTION - Adam Lloyd-Harris (correct)'Janine Munroe (correct)''Copy pic of Serial fraudster Adam Thomas Lloyd-Harris.
CORRECTION - Adam Lloyd-Harris (correct)'Janine Munroe (correct)''Copy pic of Serial fraudster Adam Thomas Lloyd-Harris.

LOVE-RAT Adam Lloyd-Harris has been labelled a “narcissistic manipulator” after he avoided sentence at his 20th court appearance.

The conman’s case was adjourned yet again yesterday over claims he was “depressed” when he swindled £20,000 from then partner Janine Munroe.

Lloyd-Harris, from Peterlee, admitted theft and fraud charges in December 2011 after conning Janine, of Ryhope, Sunderland, out of her life savings by wooing her with gifts paid for by cash stolen from her bank account.

But the 32-year-old has since repeatedly failed to turn up at court - and convinced police to release him twice - on the basis he is suffering a potentially deadly kidney disease.

Prosecutors claim the conman, who is now in custody, is an “actor” who has exaggerated his symptoms.

But at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Jamie Adams, mitigating, said Lloyd Harris is on two-hourly doses of morphine based pain killers and has not been “malingering”.

But, his victim said: “He’s telling the court he doesn’t want to put me through any more pain. But he’s not interested in me, he’s too narcissistic. He’s just a manipulator.

“He’s just trying every trick in the book.

“This is four years of my life that have been taken from me.

“I would really like to get on with things and put this all behind me but he’s doing all he can to stop it. I just feel like everything’s on hold.”

Mr Adams told the court there is clear evidence that Lloyd-Harris has been clinically depressed for a very long period of time.

He added: “He was depressed and still is. That is part of his condition.

“I will submit at the time of committing the these offences he was more than likely in that state.”

Mr Adams claimed Lloyd-Harris, who appeared at the hearing via videolink, is not trying to make Miss Munroe’s plight any worse by delaying the sentencing process for more medical reports to be prepared.

Mr Adams said: “Mr Lloyd-Harris wants to be sentenced sooner rather than later, he does not want the complainant in this case to suffer in any way at all, more than she already has.”

Judge James Goss adjourned the case until June or July to allow Lloyd-Harris to be seen by a psychiatrist and more reports to be prepared.

The judge said: “In the light of the medical history I have to do justice and whether there is or is not any genuine medical condition that is relevant here has to be known for the sentencing hearing.

“I can understand it is very frustrating and disappointing for her.

“I am doing this, not insensitive to her situation, but because I have to do justice in this case and balance a number of considerations.”

Lloyd-Harris, formerly of Peterlee, was remanded in custody in the meantime.