Magician Chris is a real card

CHRIS Cowl is magic – or that’s certainly what he has crowds of people believing when he performs his mind-blowing tricks.

The 27-year-old always planned to become an electrician, a career which looked secure when he signed up to study electrical engineering at Hartlepool College of Further Education around 10 years ago.

Chris Cowl.

Chris Cowl.

But it was a chance visit to a pub which inspired him to try something else out – and he hasn’t looked back.

From the moment a magician came up to him in a boozer and wowed him with a bunch of card tricks, Chris set his mind on learning magic.

Now, with more than a decade of practice and experience behind him, Chris is making crowds “freak out” by the week with an array of tricks.

His specialities include making a card appear in the battery of a mobile phone, swapping cards over while they are in somebody’s mouth and even making a card ‘magically’ appear on the other side of a window.

He even performed tricks for magic-lover “Iron” Mike Tyson at a recent event, who Chris says was very impressed!

“I just love to see people freak out,” said Chris, who is married to Becky, 26, and is the father of of six-week-old Seth.

“I love to see their reactions.

“It gives me pride in what I do, I just want to see people amazed.

“It was brilliant performing for Tyson; he loves his magic so I tried to be as original as I could. It went well.”

The former college student’s talents aren’t going unnoticed, and he is finding word of mouth to be his best form of getting recognition.

He gets bookings to perform at charity events, formal dinners, award ceremonies, house parties, weddings and more.

Chris, who currently lives in Stockton, added: “No matter who I’m performing for it’s the reaction I love.

“That’s why I do it and 99.9 per cent of people freak out.

“As soon as the guy in the pub had come to our table and did some tricks I was hooked. I loved it and I wanted to learn how to do it.

“The tricks he was doing were basic, but obviously I didn’t know that back then.

“I just went about learning and I’ve picked more and more stuff up as I’ve gone along.”

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