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Mail reporter Dominic Shaw with the book.
Mail reporter Dominic Shaw with the book.

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The Hartlepool Mail features in a brand new book full of quirky and impressive “world exclusives” from Britain’s local newspapers.

Whitstable Mum in Custard Shortage – And Other World Exclusives from Britain’s Finest Local Newspapers, is a tongue-in-cheek collection and celebration of the triumphs of British journalism.

From investigative coups, to diverse and surreal billboard headlines, the book is jam-packed with examples from local newspapers around the country.

And the Hartlepool Mail takes pride of place inside and on the Back Page.

The book includes a story which featured in the paper last year with the headline “Tortoise stolen to sell for booze”.

Written by former Mail reporter Emma Greenhalgh, the story tells how Keith Odgers, who was 24 at the time, appeared before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court after he admitted to stealing a tortoise before selling it to buy alcohol.

The tortoise, which was worth £100 was stolen from Stranton Pets, in Hartlepool’s Vicarage Gardens.

Odgers, from Holt Street, Hartlepool, was ordered to pay £300.

As well as a stolen tortoise, the book features a whole host of close-to-home exclusives.

Animals “terrorised by bossy donkey”, “Woman found in Germany” and “Boy, 12, turns into girl” are just a taste of some of the other stories which make up the 228-page title.

The title comes from the Whitstable Times’ tale of Jules Serkin, a mum-of-three, who went on a fruitless hunt around the town for some custard to top off her apple and blackcurrant crumble.

The book was published earlier this month by the Penguin Group,

It costs £12.99 to buy and is available from all major booksellers.

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