Major search launched after drunk man runs off from paramedics at Hartlepool docks

Jackson's Dock, Hartlepool.
Jackson's Dock, Hartlepool.

A major search operation was launched after a drunk patient made off from paramedics in Hartlepool who wanted to ensure his safety.

The North East Ambulance Service (NEAS), Hartlepool Coastguard, Cleveland Police and a helicopter from Durham Tees Valley National Police Air Service searched an area around Jackson's Dock, after the alarm was raised at 10.35pm on Tuesday night.

A spokeswoman for NEAS said: "What appeared to have happened was a slightly inebriated patient who had refused treatment and run off down that area.

"They did not want our help, but we had to make sure they hadn't gone into the water or come to any harm. They basically legged it."

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said: "Somebody called to say somebody might have gone into the water.

"We could never confirm that becasue they hadn't witnessed that happening.

"We've gone to assist, but we ahven't found anybody, and we have no missing people reported."

Hartlepool Coastguard tweeted: "Paged by Humber CGOC to assist the North East Ambulance Service with helping to locate a despondent male who had escaped their care around the Jacksons dock area.

"We searched the surrounding areas alongside Cleveland Police and Durham Tees Valley NPAS.

"With nothing found after a thorough search we were stood down with Cleveland police making further inquires inland."