‘Make G4S pay for their fiasco’

John Brown
John Brown

AN ANGRY jobseeker has backed calls for bungling firm G4S to hand back a £57m management fee after failing to provide enough staff for the Olympic Games.

John Brown said it is “disgraceful” that G4S could still profit after failing to see through its contract to provide security staff for London 2012.

The dad of six was left jobless after being told he was guaranteed a job as an Olympic security worker and was even told to attend a training session ahead of the Games that started in mid-July.

After being turned away from a training session because it was oversubscribed, he was told just 11 days before the opening ceremony that there were no more training sessions and there was no job for him.

Now John, who turned away a 40-hour-a-week job as a cleaner in Hartlepool to work at the Games, said: “If a company’s being paid for a contract and the contract is not fulfilled then they should not be paid.”

It comes after a report by the House of Commons Affairs Select Committee has found the blame for the security debacle during the London Olympics lays “firmly and solely” with G4S.

The failure to supply enough security workers saw 4,700 troops and extra police officers have to be called in at short notice to make sure the Games went ahead safely.

The report states that people who were promised jobs and let down at the last moment should be compensated for their time and training quickly and generously.

Politicians have also repeated their calls for the firm to waive the mutli-million pound management fee, while G4S has become the first company on a Government blacklist of high-risk firms that failed to deliver vital contracts.

John, 48, from Hesleden, added “It’s definitely right that we should be given compensation. I was promised a job and then turned away.”

John has since sent away applications for other jobs, but is still waiting to hear back.

A G4S spokesman said the firm’s board and management took “responsibility for the inability of the company to deliver, in full, on the Olympic security contract and apologise for this failure.”

“The £57m management fee is not a profit. It relates substantially to real costs which have been incurred such as wages, property and IT expenditure”, he added.

He added the firm has agreed a process with the GMB union to compensate those who “completed training and accreditation or made a significant journey through the recruitment process, but were unable to work at the Games.”

The Mail reported in July how John turned down a cleaning job in Hartlepool after being guaranteed a security job by G4S.

But when he turned up to attend his day-long training course in Gateshead he was told it was oversubscribed and turned away at the gates.

As John waited to be told a new date for his training course, news broke of the G4S fiasco.

John was then left fuming after he was told there was no more opportunities for training and he did not have a job.