Man locked up for attack on partner

A YOB has been jailed for a drunken attack on his long-term partner.

Mark Howe, 25, poured cold water over Kate Williamson while she was in bed and dragged her around the room by her hair.

When she called police, Howe armed himself with a large kitchen knife and only dropped it when officers threatened to zap him with a stun gun.

Howe, who has a history of offences for violence and disorderly behaviour, was sent to prison yesterday.

Howe and Miss Williamson had both been out drinking on February 20 before returning to her house.

She went to bed when Howe started being verbally abusive but was woken up by him swearing at her.Richard Parsell, prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, said: “Howe poured some cold water over her while she was in bed.

“He then pulled her out of bed by her hair and pulled her around the bedroom.”

Miss Willimason managed to fight Howe off and call the police.

Mr Parsell said: “As Miss Williamson was on the phone she said the defendant went downstairs and came back upstairs holding a large kitchen knife.”

Howe was in the street still holding the knife when police arrived at 3.30am.

He dropped it when an officer drew an electric Taser.

Miss Williamson suffered a black eye and swelling to the back of her head but did not seek hospital treatment. Howe, of St Oswald’s Street, Hartlepool, was jailed for nine months after admitting common assault and possession of a bladed article.

He also admitted breach of a suspended sentence he was given last December for an almost identical incident involving a row with his mother.

Robin Denny, mitigating, said: “He realises he has got to do some significant work with regard to his drinking which is really the source of this problem.”

Recorder Michael Slater said: “You are beginning to amass a disturbing number of previous offences in particular those in relation to violence.

“As you realistically acknowledge I can only deal with you in one way, that is by sending you to an immediate term of custody today.”