Man on roof sparks police stand-off

A shovel-brandishing man scaled a roof and sparked a stand-off with police.

A shocked mum with a young child rang police who said the man burst into her home before leaving via a back door and climbing on to the roof.

Police were called to Osborne Road, in Hartlepool, around 6.45pm, where the 30-year-old man was on top of a 10ft-high flat roof.

After half an hour, police managed to talk the man down.

Police say he was arrested for his own safety and was held on suspicion of criminal damage after claiming he had earlier smashed a window.

Inspector Bernie Hanson, of Hartlepool Police, said: “The call was taken from a shaken female who said she had a child in the house. The man ran through the house, and went up on to a flat raised roof of a building nearby.

“Officers managed to talk him down.”