Man poured petrol over himself

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A MAN doused himself in petrol and threatened to set himself alight.

The man, aged in his 20s, was in a house in Keir Hardy Terrace, in Shotton Colliery, with his parents and grandmother when he soaked himself in the fuel.

He then threatened to set himself on fire and his family phoned for help from the emergency services.

Police, fire brigade and ambulance crews went to the incident at 8.30pm yesterday.

Police officers managed to talk the man out of committing the potentially fatal act and the fire and ambulance services then left.

A spokesman for Peterlee Fire Station said: “The emergency services got there and the police went into the house and talked him out of it and calmed everything down.”

“We were there mainly as a stand-by in case he did what he was threatening to do. Police were still there when we left at around 9pm.”