Manor House by-election – meet the candidates

The play area, Owton Manor.  Picture by FRANK REID
The play area, Owton Manor. Picture by FRANK REID

RESIDENTS are set to go to the polls in Hartlepool later this week as four candidates contest a by-election.

The by-election for the Manor House ward on Hartlepool Borough Council is to be held this Thursday, August 15.

The four candidates contesting the one seat available are:

• Allan Barclay, Labour;

• Tom Hind, UK Independence Party;

• Mandy Loynes, Local Conservatives;

• Mick Stevens, Putting Hartlepool First.

The by-election was sparked after Labour councillor Angie Wilcox resigned on the back of two employment tribunal cases involving the charity she manages, Manor Residents’ Association, failing to pay national minimum wage.

Coun Wilcox was also suspended from the Labour group while investigations were being carried out.

People will be able to cast their votes at polling stations in Grange Primary School, in Owton Manor Lane, Owton Manor Primary School, in Eskdale Road, Owton Manor Community Centre, in Wynyard Road, St Columba Centre, in Dryden Road, Masefield Centre, in Masefield Road and Owton Manor Baptist Church, in Catcote Road.

Once the polling stations close the votes will be counted in the council chamber at the Civic Centre, in Victoria Road, and the result announced.

The Mail will be covering the by-election online on Thursday night with full reaction appearing in Friday’s paper.


Allan Barclay, Labour.

“After 25 years service to Queen and Country I am now able commit my time to the community.

“I have played an active part in defeating the recent proposals for four gypsy and travellers sites in and around the Manor House ward.

“During the election campaign I have met and spoken with many residents across the ward and I share with them these priorities:

• To ensure our streets are safe and clean, by combating dog fouling, off road motor bikes and ensuring the area is adequately maintained;

• Address parking problems and continue the Labour approach of funding additional car parking spaces;

• To ensure that Manor House ward gets its fair share of funding for the area and to address issues such as family poverty;

• With my Labour colleagues we will continue to campaign to defend the green and open spaces in the area.

“If elected I will work with Marjorie and Stephen to fight for our area and will be seen all year round not just at election time.

“I hope that you will feel that you can give me your support on Thursday, August 15.

“Many thanks,

“Allan Barclay.”

Tom Hind. UK Independence Party.

“Born and brought up in Hartlepool, I attended King Oswy school.

“I have had a varied career and at one time worked on the buses in Hartlepool, the steelworks, even a spell in business as a refrigeration engineer.

“I understand working for a living and running a business, especially the taxes.

“On my return to Hartlepool I like many others will have seen many changes one thing that didn’t seem to change was a Labour controlled council, a Labour council that now takes it for granted to always be voted for and in the process may not work as hard as it should on your behalf.

“For many years I was the scourge of all political parties in being a floating voter and much conversation with friends revolved around the relentless increase in taxes, from both local councils and central government, although the taxes went up we still had a loss of services, even our pensions were raided, by first the Tory Party and then the Labour Party, with mass immigration and the EU, the Tory Party being mostly for big business.

“UKIP became the only party with common sense policies and solutions which are balanced and fair.

“UKIP are a national party, with a national identity coupled with a manifesto which sets out exactly what we stand for.

“A vote for me will give the voter a local candidate with local policies, for local people, a national party with an increasing membership countrywide.

“UKIP are the only opposition to Labour and the Conservatives and a real alternative for change.”

Mandy Loynes, Local Conservative.

“Hi, my name is Mandy Loynes. I work part time and I have two teenage children still at school and a 20-year-old working full time.

“I am also a single parent.

“I was born in Hartlepool and have lived here all of my life.

“I have lived in my present house on the Manor Estate for approximately seven years now and I believe I am the only candidate to actually live in the new Manor House ward so I know myself what problems there are, such as parking, anti-social behaviour and litter to mention just a few.

“If elected on August 15 as a Local Conservative I will not claim any expenses, the Local Conservative councillors in Hartlepool are the only group not to have claimed any expenses as other groups have.

“I will work extremely hard to try to address the issues that are brought to my attention, in addition to what I can see myself.

“A vote for me would mean total commitment, I am very approachable and would welcome residents to contact me with their concerns.

“Finally, I would class myself as a community councillor and I would attend relevant meetings because I feel this is very important to keep up with what is happening in our ward and town.

“Thank you.”

Mick Stevens. Putting Hartlepool First.

“My name is Mick Stevens and I’m asking for your support as the Putting Hartlepool First candidate in the Manor House by-election.

“I’m an Army man (Royal Engineers) who served in Northern Ireland, amongst other places.

“I moved to the Owton Manor area in 1973 working as a bus driver until I retired.

“I love this community which has given my wife and I many happy years, not to mention lots of relatives and friends.

“Now I’d like to put something back.

“Like many, I’ve been shocked by the revelations about Manor Residents’ Association.

“Who would have thought that a Labour councillor could be found out paying her staff less than the minimum wage or hear of other Labour councillors walking away from their responsibilities as Trustees to put things right?

“I am not a man who walks away from his responsibilities.

“I know how much good work has been done by the genuine volunteers and staff but we have to act now if we are not to lose this valuable facility completely - and we all know what needs to be done.

“Owton Manor and Rift House have always had a great community spirit which has seen us through some difficult times.

“With the right leadership, that same community spirit can see us through the present tough times as well.

“I am hoping, with your support, that I can help the existing PHF councillors who are working hard to put common sense and common decency back into our council.”