Mark Dixon’s legacy of life as he donates organs to save seven people

Mark Dixon and his family
Mark Dixon and his family

ATTACK victim Mark Dixon left a legacy of life by donating his organs.

Reverend Dr Miranda Threlfall-Homes told grieving friends and relatives at his funeral yesterday that seven people’s lives were saved after receiving organs from the 32-year-old.

Mark’s wife Loraine had generously consented to the donation.

These include two people who have been on the organ donor register for two years and who were “running out of time”, one of which is only 18.

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“It seems a fitting end for the life of someone so loving and so generous,” said Rev Dr Threlfall-Homes.

His cousin and “best mate” Gary Horton read out a touching poem Mark had sent in 2007.

Rev Dr Threlfall-Homes said Mark often showed his “softer” and “romantic” side and how important his family was to him.

Poem read by Gary Horton, Mark’s cousin:

While walking through a field today,

I tripped upon a rock of clay,

Then struck my head upon a stone,

Where I blacked out there all alone.

A dream soon took me to a place,

A crisp clear vision of your beautiful face,

Your gorgeous eyes shined their loving glow,

It must have been heaven to see you and know.

You placed your soft hand to my face,

which caused my heart to pound and race.

You brought your breath so close to mine,

then whispered only one small line.

You said... I love you... I said it too, I’ll always be there just for you.

That forced my dreaming eyes to tear,

just knowing that you were near.

Poem read out during the service:

I try to find the words

to express the feeling in my heart,

I try to show you that I care,

but I don’t know where to start.

I guess I’ll start right here

and I guess I’ll start right now.

I’ll tell you that I love you

and I’ll tell you why and how.

You are the one I want to lay next to

when my time has passed,

You are the one I’ve given myself to

and you will be the last.

You are the one I want for life,

until the day I die.

You are the one God sent for me,

to be with me, and that is no lie.

You are the one who brightens my day,

with your smile bright and glowing.

You are the one whom I wake up for

each and every morning.