Married at 12.12pm on 12-12-12!

Martin and Kim Weatherill pictured after their wedding ceremony at the Borough Hall.
Martin and Kim Weatherill pictured after their wedding ceremony at the Borough Hall.

A COUPLE tied the knot in Hartlepool on the only day of the century when the time, date, month and year match.

Lovebirds Martin and Kim Weatherill got hitched at The Borough Hall, on the Headland, in Hartlepool, on 12-12-12 and had actually planned to say “I do” at 12 noon.

But in traditional wedding style, Kim, whose maiden name was Burrell, was late so the pair were actually married at exactly 12.12pm.

The Mail was there to capture the couple’s extra-special matrimonial moment.

Martin, who is dad to four-year-old Harry Weatherill, and Kim, mum to Victoria Burrell, 10, and five-year-old Wayne Burrell, said they had planned their big day so that the forgetful groom would never have an excuse to forget their anniversary.

Kim, 29, a full-time-mum of Collingwood Road, said: “It was a planned thing to get married on this day.

“It was so Martin would remember the date because he’s got a memory like a sieve!”

Martin, 31, a workman, who celebrated his reception with his new wife at the Rover’s Quoit Club, in Easington Road, added: “It’ll certainly be a day we’ll never forget.

“It’s a very unique day and it’ll never come around again.

“We’re both very unique people in our own special ways. A unique day for two unique people!”

He added: “We’re over the moon, it’s gone brilliantly except she was a little bit late so she came down the aisle and we got married at 12 minutes past 12, instead of bang on 12 o’clock when it had been arranged for. It just makes it all the more special really.”

The couple were engaged last year, and hope to be able to plan a honeymoon in the New Year.

Town deputy superintendent registrar Margaret Cosgrave said she was delighted to carry out such a special wedding.

She said: “With the bride being a bit late because of the traffic, they got married at 12.12pm which just makes it even more special and more memorable really.

“Weddings are always special days for all of our brides and grooms but this one had that extra edge because of the significance of the date.”