Martin’s plea in job search

Jobseeker Martin Griffin, who is receiving help from employment facilitators, Triage in Hartlepool.
Jobseeker Martin Griffin, who is receiving help from employment facilitators, Triage in Hartlepool.

A JOBSEEKER who battled depression due to his struggles to find work has vowed to get a job to support his young family.

Martin Griffin. 22, has been out of work for the last four years and admitted that he “lost all hope” in his efforts to find a job.

But the former Dyke House Sports and Technology College student picked himself up when he met his partner, Nicola McPartland, 21, around two years ago.

The happy couple are now parents to nine-month-old Riley, and Martin, of Owton Manor, insists he won’t stop looking for work until he lands a job.

“I want to be able to provide for my family,” he told the Mail.

“I want to be able to go out to work on a morning and earn a wage to provide for them.”

Looking back on his difficult time around two years ago, Martin said: “I was down on my luck at the time and I was just getting nowhere trying to find a job.

“I didn’t have a clue what was happening, but I didn’t want to admit I couldn’t cope.

“I was making the effort to get a job but I was just getting nowhere. Luckily I got with my partner and I seemed to pick myself up from there.”

Despite being able to turn his outlook on life around, Martin is still on the lookout for work.

But his situation looks a lot better than it did two years ago.

He now works closely with staff at Triage, based at Maritime House, an organisation which works with young jobseekers and employers and helps to bridge the gap between applying for jobs and finding work.

He has completed courses in a bid to become more employable and is hoping to find work in security - although he admits he would welcome any job.

“I’ve even put myself in a bit of debt to buy myself a motorbike, at least now I’m on the roads which will help me,” he added.

Thanks to Triage, Martin now gets feedback after interviews, which he describes as a “huge help”.

Lucy Fox, performance manager at Triage, said: “Martin is willing to listen to advice and to complete courses to help him become more employable. He would jump at the chance of work and he deserves it.”

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