Martyrs-style is a viral success

The English Martyrs school gangnam video dance stars.
The English Martyrs school gangnam video dance stars.

TEACHERS at a town school have put their own unique spin on a worldwide pop smash hit – and their video version has attracted thousands of views.

Around 20 members of staff from English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, in Hartlepool, have painstakingly copied every scene from South Korean star Psy’s chart-topping Gangnam Style video.

The staff’s own version, which was aired at a Year 9 talent show, has attracted more than 5,000 views since it was unveiled on the school’s website three weeks ago.

Teachers and other colleagues can be seen recreating the scenarios originally staged by Psy, in the piece.

Psy is largely played by PE teacher Neil Bewley, who dreamed up the idea.

Mr Bewley can be seen sitting on a chair near a snow-covered schoolfield, mouthing the words to the song while fellow PE teacher Tom Hodgson carries out amazing Michael Jackson-style dance moves.

This echoes a scene in Psy’s video where he relaxes in on a chair in a children’s sandpit while a youngster busts some Jacko moves.

Staff are also seen mimicking a range of scenes from the original video, in a variety of venues, both around school and the town.

These include when Psy cavorts on a bus full of people, when he dances in a lift, when he performs the now-notorious cowboy-inspired dance in a stable, and in a swimming pool.

School chaplain AnneMarie Lavelle gets in on the act, and staff are even filmed at their Christmas party at Springs performing the routine, while headteacher Michael Lee also makes an appearance, when he coolly marks the end of the video with the words “Gangnam style”.

Mr Bewley said: “I was down in London for a friend’s birthday and we got dressed up and did some Gangnam dancing around London and we put it online.

“I showed a few teachers and when the Year 9 talent show was organised, we thought us teachers could do a Gangnam-inspired piece and it went from there.
“It was meant to be quite low-key, but we did the scene in the lift and it snowballed.

“I can’t believe the response, it’s pretty massive, we tried to copy as much of the real video as we could.”

The video took a week to produce and six hours to edit.

Mr Lee said: “The idea was to create a show-piece to be shown at our talent show, to prove that our teachers have talent as well as the students.

“It was good fun and we have very good staff morale - they don’t mind making a fool of themselves.

“People absolutely love it.”

The Mail reported last month how pupils from Throston Primary School gave their nativity scene a Gangnam Style twist.

Psy’s hit has now attracted more than 1,265,090,700 views on YouTube. To view the video, visit HERE.