Matty bowls his way back to fitness

90-year-old Bowler Matty Daley
90-year-old Bowler Matty Daley

A SPRIGHTLY 90-year old has bowled his way back into action – just three months after fracturing the largest bone in the body.

Matty Daley, who lives in the Hart Lane area of Hartlepool, slipped on the ice outside his home last year and fell to the ground, fracturing his femur.

Nurses told him it would be at least six months before he would be back in action. But determined Matty is already back on the bowling green and behind the steering wheel.

After his speedy recovery, Matty hailed the “heroes” who helped him to his feet on the day of the fall.

“I slipped as I came out of my home one evening and couldn’t pick myself back up,” said Matty, whose wife, Jean, sadly passed away six years ago, aged 82.

“I hadn’t even had a drink.

“Three youths appeared and asked me what was wrong, I said ‘unfortunately I have hurt my hip sunshine.’

“Straight away they were on their mobile phones and had an ambulance there to take me to hospital.

“If it wasn’t for them I may have had to lay there for hours, I could have got hypothermia.

“The gentlemen know where I live, I would love them to come round so I can have a chat with them and thank them.”

After spending two weeks in the University Hospital of North Tees, Matty was transferred to the University Hospital of Hartlepool before he was allowed home just before Christmas.

But he wasn’t planning to sit around feeling sorry for himself. As soon as he was fit enough to get out of the house he went straight to the Hartlepool Indoor Bowls Centre, on the Mill House site, to see his friends and to try his hand at the game again.

Matty, who spent more than 40 more years working on the railways and who has one daughter, Anne Thacker, 66, added: “It keeps me alive going to the bowls club.

“The fellas are absolutely brilliant, such good company.”

The former magistrate, who is also a member of the local branch of the Labour Party and part of the Residents Association for the Grange Ward, added: “I did wonder when I had this accident as to whether that was going to be it for me and my bowls.

“But when I went to the hospital a couple of weeks back and told them I was already playing again and driving they were absolutely over the moon.

“It was an unfortunate accident, but the medical experts were absolutely fantastic.

“I always say people’s lives will be very good if they are as happy as I am with mine.”

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