Maxwell is a Shreddies star

Maxwell Neesam pictured with his personalised Shreddies box.
Maxwell Neesam pictured with his personalised Shreddies box.

BREAKFAST cereal lover Maxwell Neesam will be beamed all over the world wide web after he won a competition to appear in a digital advert for his favourite brand.

The Hartlepool teenager, who has autism, starts every day with a bowl of his beloved Shreddies.

Maxwell, 15, won a personalised box of Shreddies with his name and picture after mum Janice, 43, posted his picture on a Facebook gallery of fans.

But even better news followed after he learned he had been chosen to appear in a new Shreddies digital advert after hundreds of friends and family voted for him in a competition, also held through the social networking website.

He received 586 votes to appear in the ad – over 200 more than the child in second place.

The competition was run through Shreddies’ Knitting Nanas Facebook page, TV adverts for the cereal feature nanas apparently knitting Shreddies out of wheat.

Janice, a full time mum, of Foggy Furze, Hartlepool, said: “Maxwell only ever eats Shreddies. If we go on holiday I’ve got to take a box with us.

“You had to put a picture on Facebook and the one that got the most votes after a certain time got to star in their next digital advert that will be seen on the internet.

“Maxwell got all his friends to vote for him and I posted a link to an autism support group on Facebook and shared the page with my friends.

“We don’t know what the ad looks like yet, but it will feature his picture.”

Meanwhile, Maxwell loves his personalised Shreddies box after being chosen at random by cereal bosses.

Janice, also mum to Samuel, 14, added: “When it came he was very surprised, but he thinks it is great.” Maxwell, who also has learning difficulties, attends Catcote Business and Enterprise College.

Janice said: “Because of his autism he has a routine he likes to stick to and he is child like.

“But he is really funny,he comes out with funny things all the time.”