Mayor takes step back in time


HARTLEPOOL’S Ceremonial Mayor took a trip back in time when he visited a school to help pupils with a history project.

Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher donned a traditional robe to visit Owton Manor Primary School where he took a series of questions from children about the Black Death which killed millions of people across Europe in the 14th Century.

He was invited to visit the school to tell pupils how he would have responded to an outbreak of bubonic plague had he been Mayor of London at the time.

Commenting on his attire, Councillor Akers-Belcher told pupils: “This is how the Mayor of London would probably have looked at the time of the Black Death.”

He then went on to answer a series of searching questions from a group of pupils aged seven to nine.

He said it was unlikely that the world would ever again experience an outbreak of bubonic plague on such a vast scale, but he said all residents of the town had a responsibility to ensure they kept the town clean and tidy.

Following the question and answer session, Councillor Akers-Belcher praised the children for their efforts.

He said: “They had obviously worked very hard in researching the subject and I thought they asked some excellent questions which certainly made me think.”