Meatloaf looking for home in town

ROCK star Meat Loaf wants to cement his new found love for Hartlepool United by moving to the town.

The American singer and actor, who has twice declared his support for the football club on national television, has apparently instructed his advisors to look for properties in the 1m bracket.

A spokesman for the star said today: "Meat Loaf has asked us to investigate estate agents in Hartlepool.

"He is looking to buy another property in the region of 1million with one stipulation. It has to have a sound proof room for the very loud parties that he holds.

"He is a big party animal so it would have to be structurally stable because of the noise and preferably be in a secluded position.

"I must say that it is a surprise that he has swapped his search from London to your area. Can you recommend any good agents?"

Meat Loaf first declared his love for Hartlepool United on the Sky Sports Soccer AM football chat show last month.

Cynics felt it was merely a joke until he reaffirmed his support on Channel Four's Graham Norton programme last Friday night.

He was escorted onto the set by two beauties while clutching a cuddly toy of Pools mascot H'Angus the Monkey.

When asked why Hartlepool, Meat Loaf explained they were his new favourite team and that they had just been promoted to the Second Division.

He went on to tell Norton about the club mascot and why it was a monkey and how the town had voted in a primate as its mayor.

The singer's spokesman, Louise Molloy, insists Meatloaf is taking his new love for football seriously and added: "He has also promised to learn the offside rule.

"Since appearing on Soccer AM and coming across Hartlepool and its loyal fans, it has stirred something deep inside of Meat Loaf.

"He has become slightly obsessed with the team, which is why he had requested for the monkey mascot to be taxied down to Graham Norton's show."

A spokesman for Hartlepool United said: "We weren't aware that Meat Loaf was a Hartlepool fan until recently But we are delighted to add him to our list of celebrity supporters.

"We hope to invite him to Victoria Park and we will be presenting him with a Pools shirt."

Other rock legends known to follow Pools' fortunes include Iron Maiden guitarist Jannick Gers, who was brought up in the town, and Brian Johnson from AC/DC, whose guitarist Angus Young is partly the inspiration behind the name of Pools' mascot.

Meat Loaf is appearing at Newcastle's Telewest Arena on Monday, November 24, and Tuesday, December 9, and hopes to visit Hartlepool and Victoria Park while in the area.

The singer, who reached number one with I'd Do Anything For Love, told the Hartlepool Mail in his own inimitable style today: "Let's have a full on kick ass rock-n-roll season in Division Two.

"Hartlepool United. It's going to be your year."