Meeka makes it a nappy Christmas

Meeka the cat with her nappy and Santa hat. Picture by FRANK REID
Meeka the cat with her nappy and Santa hat. Picture by FRANK REID

THE latest entry in the Mail’s Santa Paws contest is a no-tailed, nappy-wearing cat that saved its family from a Christmas tree fire.

Meeka the Bengal cat lives with the Watson family at their home in Merlin Way, Hartlepool, and mum Kim Watson believes her pet is extra-special after all she has been through.

In November last year Meeka was involved in a road accident and had to have her tail amputated. And the force of the smash left her with no control of her bladder.

Now the three-year-old puss has to wear nappies around the house and even lays down for 39-year-old Kim to put them on.

Childminder Kim, who is married to Michael, 41, and is mum to Luke, 11, and Emma, nine, has to help Meeka empty her bladder around three times a day.

But Meeka pays her owners back with love and affection and even saved them from a Christmas tree fire last Christmas.

Kim said: “Meeka had ran and hid behind the Christmas tree and wouldn’t come out. I was shouting for her to come out and when I went over to the tree I noticed the transformer from the lights was smoking. I quickly got it out and had to put it on the front step.

“It really made me wonder whether Meeka did that to warn us because they can sense things, can’t they.

“You never know what might have happened if she hadn’t run underneath the tree.”

The family think Meeka is so special they sent in her picture for our Santa Paws competition.

She added: “It was my daughter that suggested sending Meeka’s picture into the Mail because we all love her to bits.

“She’s totally part of the family and we wouldn’t be without her despite her ailments.

“If she wasn’t happy I would say enough is enough, but she still plays with us and she adores the kids.”

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