Meet the candidates for Headland and Harbour standing in the Hartlepool council elections

It's a week to do until polling day. Have you decided who you'll vote for yet?

Thursday, 26th April 2018, 3:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th April 2018, 3:36 pm
Clockwise from top left: Jim Ainslie, Christopher Broadbent, Timothy Fleming

Here are the candidates who are hoping for your vote on May 3 in the Headland and Harbour ward:

Jim Ainslie, Labour Party

Having served as a councillor for Headland and Harbour Ward from 2012-2016, I would welcome the opportunity to once again represent you as local councillor of the ward in which I live.

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Our ward is large and has several unique areas where I have been involved with the many groups and individuals who work hard to make Hartlepool a better place, and I will be proud to once again represent a ward with such community spirit.

There are many issues affecting the lives and well-being of everyone; please be assured that I will always listen to people’s concerns, will endeavour to find solutions to constituent’s problems and will work hard to ensure our residents opinions are heard.

I believe my experience will help me to understand the implications of some of the difficult decisions which will have to be made, and I am confident that working together we can successfully tackle the challenges we face and look forward to a positive future.

I would appreciate your support when you consider where to mark your cross on the ballot paper.

Christopher Broadbent, Conservatives

Vote Chris Broadbent Conservative on May 3 for fair representation.

My fight your fight.

My concern is the unemployment in Hartlepool, and “in my opinion leaving Europe would have an effect on jobs,” causing unemployment, and future concerns for our grandchildren and children’s prospects.

One company that prints passports may make workers redundant, and the reductions in “Local Authority Grants.”

If I’m elected “I won’t claim expenses,” the independents former UKIP councillors accepted councillor pay rises despite voting against it. Don’t trust them!

I’ll fight on your behalf for better:– policing, social services, help for disabled, health services, bus services, freeze council tax, tackle bad landlords, repair dangerous potholes.

Your fight is my fight.

Timothy Fleming, Independent

Hartlepool is a town that needs investment and not profligate waste. With Government cuts, we should be prioritising services for schools, housing, transport and social care before any ‘grand schemes’.

I was born in Hartlepool, served in HM Forces (Army), was a fire fighter at both Headland and Stranton Fire Stations until illness led to retirement and I also worked as a teacher.

My wife and I have been landlords of the Cosmopolitan pub on the Headland for 15 years. I come from the Hood and Cook family, lifeboat men and fishermen.

My attendance at council is 87% - one of the highest in Civic Centre. This is because I want to be an effective councillor for residents.

Hartlepool Council needs and effective opposition, I sit with the Independent Group and we are the largest opposition group on our council. With your support, we can continue to challenge Labour and their decisions constructively and on your behalf. Vote Independent on May 3rd.