Meet the Fens and Rossmere candidates for the Hartlepool council local elections

This year's local elections are just around the corner, and we are turning the spotlight on all Hartlepool's candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 3.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 3:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 9:46 am
Fens and Rossmere candidates, clockwise, from top left, Tom Casey (Green Party), Alan Clark (Labour), Tony Richardson (Putting Hartlepool First) and Dennis Loynes (Conservatives - no picture supplied).
Fens and Rossmere candidates, clockwise, from top left, Tom Casey (Green Party), Alan Clark (Labour), Tony Richardson (Putting Hartlepool First) and Dennis Loynes (Conservatives - no picture supplied).

We will concentrate on a ward each day, and today we feature the four people standing in the Fens and Rossmere ward.

All the candidates are being given the opportunity to tell Mail readers why they are standing and why they should vote for them.Here’s what they have to say.

The local elections are on May 3.

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I have seen that there is much apathy and inertia in Hartlepool. Many people have had the stuffing knocked out of them.

They do not feel part of the society; some have been misinformed, encouraged by elements of the media to look for scapegoats.

So many people barely exist on minimum wage and zero-hour contracts.

The local elections are on May 3.

Those that have work are likely to keep their head down and not complain, and there are some who are comfortable with their lot and think that their life is stable and it’s easier not to worry about other people’s problems. We must change these attitudes.

One of our problems, “The North South divide” rarely seems to rate highly on the national agenda. This is not so much a national problem but very much a local one.

Electing one more Labour councillor will not make a difference; however electing a Green councillor can bring new thinking to council decisions.The Green Party, despite our electoral system, has played a key role in getting our environmental and social policies and ideas adopted as good practice by the larger parties.

This can also be so in Hartlepool.


I am once again proud to be the Labour candidate in Fens & Rossmere. I would like to thank residents for the opportunity to have served you for the past four years.

Over that period of time I have supported over 600 families or individuals in Fens & Rossmere.

For the past two years, I have also had the privilege to serve as the Lead Member for Children’s Services, supporting our schools through difficult times and ensuring the most vulnerable young people in our town are properly safeguarded from harm.

I and Councillor Jim Lindridge have secured £549,810 in funding to redevelop Rossmere Park, as well as bringing back the summer sports day. Residents are rightly proud of their park and now we can deliver one that will provide a real community asset.

Our public services are under attack and must be protected. As your local councillor, my priorities if elected again will be:

* Child & adult’s social care;* Education and lifelong learning;* Recognition of carers across the borough;* Our environment and park;* Tackling child and family poverty;*Supporting regeneration and job creation.Support me, to support you and your family.


Fens and Rossmere Ward residents have a simple choice on May 3, Conservatives or Labour.

In past elections some of you put your faith in UKIP and elected six UKIP Councillors, five of them repaid your faith by abandoning UKIP and becoming independents.

Many of the six only stood for UKIP after falling out with several political groups they had previously been members of, now they’ve even abandoned UKIP.

Worse than that, some of the ex-UKIP and the majority of the other independent councillors publicly voted against the councillors' increase in allowances, then privately arranged for the same increases to be paid into their banks. Can you trust independents?

If you want the councillors representing your ward to have any influence in maintaining and improving your area, then only the two traditional parties can help.

A vote for an Independent is a vote wasted. Independents have no influence within the council and therefore they cannot change any political policies or decisions you are unhappy with.

Only Conservatives can hold the council to account. Vote Conservative on May 3.


I was born, raised and continue to live in the Rossmere area but have travelled the breadth of the country with work, and this is why I know we can do better.

Whilst other areas endure austerity, their residents are not forgotten about and their councillors continue to represent residents’ views.

I have worked in the electrical industry all my life, in both the public and private sector. I have supervised, guided and always delivered.

But my biggest promise to Fens & Rossmere is that I will always listen and represent your views.

I will stop money being spent on ‘vanity projects’ to ensure the council gets its most important jobs done right.

Our Council Tax cannot continue to fund these out of touch projects! I will not support further rises until this time.

I will campaign for a fair slice of the highways budget to ensure that paths and roads in our community are up to scratch. I will continue to campaign for our own hospital services.

I will oppose any increase in councillors’ pay. The Labour-Tory orchestrated 31% rise was self-centred and greedy. I will not be taking this rise.

Put Fens & Rossmere First – Vote Tony Richardson.