Meet our £10,000 Bride of the Year winner

Winners of the Bride of The Year, Elizabeth Richardson and Liam Turnbull
Winners of the Bride of The Year, Elizabeth Richardson and Liam Turnbull

SHAKING bride Elizabeth Richardson is coming to terms with a massive piece of news – she is getting married in a dream £10,000 wedding.

Elizabeth Richardson wept and could not stop shaking after she and fiance Liam Turnbull last night won the Bride of the Year competition held by the Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography.

“I can’t thank you enough,” she said as she tried to take in the enormity of the news.

And then, amid the tears of joy, the reality set in and she shouted: “I’m getting married!”

As she sipped a celebratory toast, she took time to phone her mum Angela, 48, and when Elizabeth broke the news, there were screams of delight for all to hear.

The bride-to-be added: “I am shaking. This is just fantastic.”

Then it was Liam’s turn to phone his mum Christine, 47. She shouted: “That’s brilliant. I am going to have to text everyone and tell them.”

It marks an astonishing change in circumstances for Elizabeth, 22, who was rushed into hospital last November after developing blood clots following a routine childbirth.

Just days after giving birth to her son Noah, the Chester Road area mum’s left leg turned completely black.

She was rushed to the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton where she was found to have four clots on her left lung, two on her her right lung, and deep vein thrombosis in her leg.

Doctors told her she could die, especially on the first night when every minute was critical.

She pulled through and said it was largely down to the support shown by the man she loved who had to look after their newborn son – and keep on working on night shift – while she fought for life.

Elizabeth and Liam won the competition on a night when every one of the four finalist couples did themselves proud.

Each spoke eloquently in front of a panel of judges which consisted of Mail editor Joy Yates, competition organiser and top photographer Robert Usher, and Craig Morris, the assistant general manager at the Grand Hotel where the couple will marry on Friday, September 16.

The other couples were Kirsty Parkinson, 25, and Mark Reed, 35, from Hartlepool; Nicola Laws, 23, and Mark Thompson, 25, from Blackhall Colliery; and Pamela Riley 33, and fiance Jason Robinson, 35, also from Hartlepool.

But it was Elizabeth and Liam who won through.

Elizabeth said: “We have already been through more than most married couples and we have come through stronger. I couldn’t ask for a nicer man in my life.”

Liam replied: “She is amazing, she is beautiful.”

Devoted family man Liam had only just become a groom-to-be when he had to head off to start a night shift at Global Resources in Hartlepool where he works as a plater.

As he headed off for his shift that finished at 7am today, he said: “I love Elizabeth to bits.”

Now the couple are taking in the news that they have a wedding to prepare for and that means trying on wedding dresses and groom’s outfits as well as choosing everything from flowers to rings.