Meet the candidates for Seaton ward in Hartlepool's local elections

Seaton candidates, from left, Yousuf Khan (Labour Party), Sue Little (Putting Hartlepool First) and Veronica Nicholson (Conservative - no picture supplied).
Seaton candidates, from left, Yousuf Khan (Labour Party), Sue Little (Putting Hartlepool First) and Veronica Nicholson (Conservative - no picture supplied).

It's local election time this week, and we're giving every candidate the opportunity to tell Hartlepool voters why they should vote for them.

Today it's the turn of the candidates standing in the Seaton ward. Here's what they have to say:


My name is Yousuf Khan and I feel privileged to be standing for local election in the Seaton ward.

I am a software engineer by profession and also work as a volunteer supporting a local organisation that offers services that reduce social isolation and improve community cohesion.

If elected I promise to use my experience and understanding of Seaton ward to be your voice in the council to improve local services.

I feel strongly Seaton needs Councillor who will stand up and speak out on the issues that matter to all residents of the ward; I will deliver strong representation.

I will stand with you to bring about community change and will attend resident meetings, keep residents informed and hold regular ward surgeries.

Vote for me to become your Councillor, and together we will strive to improve the quality of life for the local residents..

Seaton Labour pledges:

• I will fight for youth services and youth activities in the ward;

• I will fight to tackle dog fouling and fly tipping issues;

• I will fight to keep our streets safe and build a strong community;

• I will work hard to ensure services are targeted to family poverty.


As someone who was brought up in Seaton and continues to live in the ward, I’ve seen the areas up’s and down’s, and I believe we deserve better.

We have a chance for change, and I believe I can realise that change, through hard work, and by representing the views of the Seaton residents. Remember no party whip will tell me what to do!

I am a business owner, a role I find both rewarding and challenging. This role I believe has equipped me with the fundamental skills required to hold the council to account and ensure your money is being spent wisely.

I will campaign to simplify/remove the parking charges from Seaton Front to reverse the idiotic decision by the Labour and Tory coalition to introduce this ‘stealth tax’ on visitors to Seaton and I will pursue an end to the ever ongoing grot spot, that is the Longscar Hall.

I will work to stop ridiculous spending including irresponsible councillor allowance increases, gold medals for the boys and cafes that don’t make a profit.

And most of all, I will lead on your concerns and make a difference to the Seaton Ward. Put Seaton First – Vote Sue Little!


Seaton Ward residents have a simple choice on the 3rd of May, Conservatives or Labour.

In past elections some of you put your faith in UKIP and elected six UKIP Councillors, five of them repaid your faith by abandoning UKIP and becoming independents.

Many of the six only stood for UKIP after falling out with several political groups they had previously been members of, now they’ve even abandoned UKIP.

Worse than that, some of the ex-UKIP and the majority of the other independent councillors publicly voted against the councillors' increase in allowances, then privately arranged for the same increases to be paid into their banks.

Can you trust independents?

If you want the councillors representing your ward to have any influence in maintaining and improving your area, then only the two traditional parties can help.

A vote for an Independent is a vote wasted. Independents have no influence within the council and therefore they cannot change any political policies or decisions you are unhappy with.

Only Conservatives can hold the council to account. Vote Conservative May 3.