Meet the candidates running to be Hartlepool’s MP

Top (l-r) Richard Royal, Sandra Allison, Phillip Broughton, Bottom (l-r) Michael Holt, Stephen Picton, Iain Wright
Top (l-r) Richard Royal, Sandra Allison, Phillip Broughton, Bottom (l-r) Michael Holt, Stephen Picton, Iain Wright

MEET the Hartlepool candidates who want your vote on May 7.

Hilary Allen

Liberal Democrats

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Sandra Allison

Your Vote Could Save Our Hospital

I am standing in the general election to provide the voters of Hartlepool with a clear and simple chance to register their outrage about the way in which Hartlepool Hospital has been systematically run down and prepared for closure. Petitions, marches and letters to MPs have all failed. Now you have a chance to hit the politicians in the only place that matters to them, in the ballot box.

I have been asked about my position on other issues facing the town, such as the jobs and the economy.

Well as a major employer in the town I think the closure of the hospital would be a significant blow to jobs and the economy of Hartlepool. I would consider other issues from the common sense point of view as a qualified health professional, wife and mother and deal with each of them on their merits.

If you think the Hospital is the most important issue facing Hartlepool today then please vote for me. If you think other issues are more important then vote for the candidate that best deals with those issues. However, please do vote for someone! Thank you. Sandra Allison

Phillip Broughton


If I’m elected as your next MP on May 7th I will work with the football club in any way I can to support it. I want to say that I believe Hartlepool is a fantastic place full of great people, it faces challenges yes – but I believe with better leadership it could do so much better.

The problem in Hartlepool is Labour’s compliancy. Iain Wright has let people down as MP. What I say to you is if you want change, if you want someone who is passionate, who will fight harder for you and be a strong voice for you in parliament then I’m your man.

Below I have my 10 priorities these are the ten things I will fight for as you next MP;

•Protect our NHS – Save Hartlepool Hospital

•Controlled Immigration – Australian points-based system

•Tougher policies on law and order – Sentences that mean what they say

•Planning Power to people – Referendums on Housing and Wind turbines

•No tax on the minimum wage – Raise tax threshold to £13,500

•Cut Foreign aid spending

•Fight for an EU Referendum and say no to the EU

•Cut Business rates to get shops and jobs to the town

•A turnover tax for big businesses to stop tax avoidance

•Only party that is committed to spending 2% of GDP on our Armed Forces

John Neville Hobbs

Independent – Tell It Like It Is

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Michael Holt

Green Party

I’m a 26-year-old financial adviser. I’ve lived in Hartlepool all of my life. Best thing about the area is the sense of humour.

Politicians have failed Hartlepool.

The Westminster parties exist to serve the London financial sector at the expense of everything else.

They think nothing about bailing out their mates at the banks with 1 trillion pounds worth of state support while they dither on whether we’re allowed a hospital.

I’m running for the Greens because I know their policies hold the key to reversing the terminal decline of our once proud town.

The Greens’ plan to create 1 million clean energy jobs in building, engineering and public transport will kick start our regional economy and eliminate the deficit.

By renationalising public transport we can reconnect Hartlepool to the wider UK economy, giving people from Hartlepool greater ability to commute to go where the work is and encouraging businesses to set up here.

The Greens want to kick privatisation out of the NHS, set the minimum wage at £10, scrap the bedroom tax, begin the fight against climate change and put criminal bankers in jail.

We need drastic change in this town: the Greens can provide it! VOTE for the Holternative!

Stephen Picton


I am a passionate Poolie. I attended Throston and St Bega’s Primary and English Martyrs Schools. I have worked in several roles, including customer services, security, army chef and a local cabbie. All of these roles have kept me grounded and close to local residents. I am not a career politician parachuted in to Hartlepool in an attempt to get another political party a seat in Westminster. I am proud to be a long-term fighter for our Hartlepool Hospital with the dedication and determination to get results.

Making people laugh and feel positive has been a major part of my life. Through this I have raised over £72,000 for charities, both local and national. This work has brought national positive attention to Hartlepool.

However, it’s now time to get serious! Hartlepool has been let down repeatedly by Iain Wright and his party politics. He has failed in his election promises and is now repeating the same old drivel.

My solemn promise to you all, is that I will always have the very best interests of local Hartlepool people at heart and will never stop being anything other than a positive and passionate advocate for this little town with massive potential.

Richard Royal


Job creation is vital in Hartlepool. I’ve campaigned against parking fees in the town centre and at the marina, which are a deterrent to shoppers and have the knock-on consequence of fewer quality retailers, shop closures and job losses. The Conservatives’ policy of backing business to create jobs has meant an extra 47,000 in employment and 143,000 apprentices in the North East since 2010.

I support regeneration of the town but want to ensure that every penny is spent wisely and that our history is protected.

I believe that Hartlepool needs and deserves a hospital and A&E, ideally at its centre, not on the outskirts and not in another town. I believe Labour were wrong to make promises they couldn’t deliver, and others are wrong to use this important issue to grandstand and spread misinformation for political gain.

At the last General Election Hartlepool had the highest increase in the Conservative vote in the entire country. It now takes less than 3,000 votes to switch from Iain Wright to me, and you’ll wake up on May 8th with a new MP.

If you think Wright for the town is wrong for your future, join me in turning Hartlepool Royal Blue.

Iain Wright


I love Hartlepool. This is my home and where my children go to school. I will always champion Hartlepool in Parliament and have helped thousands of constituents since becoming the town’s MP.

I will work hard to promote Hartlepool’s strong manufacturing potential as a way to create better paid jobs for local people. I will vote to raise the minimum wage, ban exploitative zero hours contracts, freeze rising energy bills, abolish the bedroom tax and provide more apprenticeship opportunities.

The future of the hospital is a big issue. It’s mine and my family’s local hospital too. Any candidate who says they can save the hospital without a plan is lying to you. A Labour MP working with a Labour Government will give the NHS the additional money and staffing it needs, meaning more doctors, nurses and midwives and more chance that services closed under the Tories can return back to the town.

A vote for anyone other than Labour risks David Cameron staying in power and five more years of the Tories neglecting this town, cutting the NHS and other public services and putting millionaires first.

I’m from the town, I’m on your side and will always champion Hartlepool.