Memories of the massive mynah bird at Walton’s

You just loved our reminder of a Hartlepool pet shop.

And when we posted a 1994 photograph on social media of Walton’s - the pet and garden centre in town - we reached more than 16,000 of you.

Best pet shop ever. Used to go in every week. Loved the macaw they had!

Donna Laws Caddick

We wanted to know what you thought of the place and you had some wonderful memories.

Natalie Salvin’s superb recollection said; “Hahaha! Phonecall home every Saturday “mam can I buy a fish?”

Lizzy Waller said she “used to get a 2p dog chew” for her pet while Julie Anderson commented: “Omg loved it in that pet shop lookin at the rabbits.”

Others had memories of the birds which greeted them on their arrival at the centre.

Julie Bartlett said: “They had a massive mynah bird when I was a kid...terrified me.”

And Donna Laws Caddick told us: “Best pet shop ever. Used to go in every week. Loved the macaw they had!”

Andrea Peart got her tortoise there and said: “It only cost £5.”

Beverley Simon “loved the sea horses” while Debbie Davison said she “wanted all the puppies lol.”

Chris Arnold remembered: “I bought 2 male gerbils from there which turned out to be one of each and had lots of babies. £4.60 a litter I got for them.”

Loads of you remembered the first pet you bought at Walton’s.

Yvonne Slater said: “We bought our first dog from there in 1988. A border collie and he was lovely.”

Catherine Oliver reminisced: “Aww we got our dog Sam from there.”

Judi Taylor told us: “Got my first puppy from here about 1978 she cost £2 xx”

Carole Maitland loved the place and said: “Got our hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits from Waltons. I’m sure they had a huge sea life aquarium as well?”

Gaz Payne added: “Got my dog from there 1981 ! Loved him to bits !! Our Titch.”

The responses just kept pouring in. Diane Liddle said: “Loved seeing the puppies when my mam was buying chocy drops for our dog Judy xx”

Val Ridgeway called it the “best shop in Hartlepool” while David Thornhill commented: “Loved Waltons. Remember going in with my mam.”

Adele Wilkinson said: “I loved this pet shop when I was little” while Richard Oliver said: “That brings back memories lol.”

Joan Tunnicliffe said she “Quite often called in” and Phil Addison conceded: “Yep I must admit my guilty pleasure as a child.”

Karen Johnson Armstrong worked there and said: “I had a Saturday job here...Mr and Mrs Walton were lovely people....”

And then there were the people who remembered Walton’s because they worked there.

Stephen Sewell said: “My first job was in this shop. Saturday boy then worked in the warehouse for them in Dalton Street.”

Ian Jeffries said; “I worked there. First proper job. Loved it.” Others to work there included Dorothy Lobb, Jean Robinson, and Helen Musgrove.