Messages of support pour in for parents of tragic Hartlepool toddler Jacob Jenkins

Jacob's parents David Jenkins and Abigail Wilson.
Jacob's parents David Jenkins and Abigail Wilson.

Scores of sympathetic readers have offered their support to the parents of toddler Jacob Jenkins after they said they still blame themselves for his tragic death.

Little Jacob, two, died five days after he choked on a grape at Hartlepool’s Pizza Hut restaurant last October.

Jacob Jenkins, who died after choking on a grape.

Jacob Jenkins, who died after choking on a grape.

An inquest this week officially said it was a tragic accident and that all involved did everything they could to save Jacob.

His grieving parents Abigail Wilson and David Jenkins said after the hearing that they still blamed themselves.

But many readers have been quick to offer their love and support.

On the Mail’s Facebook page Alison Fox Abbott said: “You’re a great mum and it was the worst accident possible!

“You’re such a lovely person and the whole town is supporting you. Please don’t blame yourself hun, xxx.”

Michaela Hope wrote: “Thinking of you all each and every day! Stay strong.”

Joyce Greenhow added: “I don’t know you but please don’t blame yourself accident happen you have a lot of people supporting you both xx”.

Leanne Pattison posted: “Such a tragic accident. It could have been any child in any restaurant in any town.

“Just hope one day, in time, his parents might come to terms with the fact it was an accident and don’t blame themselves.”

Donna Neville wrote: “All the love and hugs in the world to u both ... stay strong, we hope u find some comfort in everyone’s support xxx.”

Kathleen Smettem said: “Don’t blame yourselves stay strong all h/pool r with u both xxx.”

Claire Peddle said: “It could happen to anyone. How many of us have given kids grapes whilst in the supermarket and not even thought about it. Just a tragic accident.”

Janette Instone posted: “Jacob’s death wasn’t in vain it has raised awareness to many parents on the dangers of a simple piece of fruit. Love & thoughts to you all.”

Anne Young said: “Most parents do everything they can to protect their children and you were these parents, you have probably heard every word of comfort possible, beaten yourselves up many times but I pray you will find a calm place for you to go to to find peace of mind x.”

Mel Davis added: “It was a terrible tragic accident. You mustn’t blame yourselves. Xxx.”