Metal thieves target bikes

POLICE are warning people not to leave bikes outside as scrap metal dealers have been mistakenly taking them to weigh in.

Thieves have also struck three times in the last three months, each time stealing bicycles that had not been locked up.

PC Steve Davies, a crime prevention officer, said: “Not only are these bikes at risk of been targeted by the thief there are also at risk of been mistakenly taken by scrap metal dealers who think the bikes are left out and not wanted, and they then take them away as scrap.

“With the recent fine weather, we want to encourage people to use their pedal cycles, but we need them to ensure that their cycles are kept more secure.

“Either lock them in a shed or a garage after they have been used.”

The bike were stolen on July 6, August 15 and September 3.

If you have any information about bike thefts that could help police, ring the non-emergency 101 number or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.