Miles for Men charity cash may have to pay for damage after vandals wreck toilets during Hartlepool event

The Miles for Men event.
The Miles for Men event.

Charity cash donated to support cancer victims could be used to pay for damage caused by mindless vandals during Hartlepool’s Miles for Men race.

Event organisers have hit out after it emerged someone had vandalised a men’s toilets at the host venue, The Sports Domes, in Seaton Carew, during Sunday’s event.

It is absolutely diabolical and there is no need for it

Michael Day, Miles for Men

The damage is reported to have included smashing hand dryers off the wall, breaking taps and ripping pipes off the wall.

Disappointed Miles for Men founder Michael Day said: “It is absolutely diabolical and there is no need for it.

“We have offered to pay for the damage.”

The charity is appealing for anyone with information about the culprits to get in touch with them so action can be taken.

Miles for Men spokesman Kevin Hill added: “Ninety-nine per cent of people are right behind us, but unfortunately you get the odd one who take it upon themselves to spoil the party.

“It is not fair on us, not fair on the general public that enter and back the charity and it is certainly not nice for the domes which let us have the privilege of using their spot for the event.

“We won’t tolerate it. If we do find out who has done the damage they will be banned from the event and reported to police for criminal damage.

“What makes me mad is we do this to help local people and families who have got cancer and people go and try and jeopardise it by doing something like this.”

Hundreds of men and boys of all ages came together for the fourth annual 5k charity race.

It looks set to have been another huge success and is expected to have raised around £30,000 for cancer research and supporting local families touched by cancer.

Kevin said the incident of damage will not prevent next year’s run taking place and said plans are already underway to make it even bigger and better.

A spokesman for the Sports Domes said: “We are happy the event went well.”

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