Milestone for cancer cause

FUNDRAISER: Tony Larkin creator of Music vs Cancer which has raised more than �100,000
FUNDRAISER: Tony Larkin creator of Music vs Cancer which has raised more than �100,000
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A CHARITY that uses the power of music to help fight against bowel cancer has now raised over £100,000.

Music v Cancer was created by Hartlepool man Tony Larkin to raise awareness of the UK’s second biggest cancer killer after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2009.

A recent two-day music saw the charity’s total fundraising reach £100,008.

The MvC Weekender Live Sessions were held at Hartlepool’s Grand Hotel and featured artists such as Al Lewis, Jonny The Firth, Hayley Gafternick, Chris Helme, James Craise, Sam Forrest, Liz Lawrence and Jack Savoretti.

Tony, who initially organised the events in conjunction with charity Support Your Bowel, said: “This money will make a massive difference in the fight against bowel cancer and to a certain extent other cancers and will really bolster the efforts of those who are tasked with raising awareness of the disease.

“The recent Weekender event – the first time we’ve organised one of our music sessions across two days – was a massive success thanks in part to the cracking line up we secured, including Jack Savoretti who is supporting Jake Bugg this summer, James Craise, who works with Professor Green and Chris Helme from the Seahorses.

“The challenge for us now is to continue to fundraise and music has a massive role to play in that.”

Hartlepool has the highest rate of bowel cancer deaths anywhere in the UK.

Tony, who has now been given the all clear from bowel cancer, added: “It’s great that we’re able to use the power of music, eith through live events or elsewhere, to raise awareness of bowel cancer.”