Mixed reaction to Hartlepool man’s £2,000 driveway row

John Twidale outside of his Whistlewood Close home.
John Twidale outside of his Whistlewood Close home.

A homeowner who found himself threatened with court action after he paved over his front garden has met with a mixed response online.

John Twidale, 60, replaced the lawn outside his home in Whistlewood Close, Hartlepool, covering the grass at the front with block paving, only to find himself warned by developer Gleeson that the work was not allowed under the terms of the sale.

“Shocking! The man is trying to make his property look nice.

Angela Smith

The firm says the restrictions are intended to ‘maintain the attractive appearance of the development and property values.’

Some visitors to the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page were convinced an Englishman’s home is his castle and Mr Twidale should be free to carry out the work if he wished.

“Shocking ! The man is trying to make his property look nice,” said Angela Smith. “Pick on the scumbags who trash their property.”

Lisa Grey said Mr Twidale should look for pblic support: “It’s a joke. He needs to get a petition up before it starts happening to other people. I would sign it.”

Kelly Anderson reckoned if Mr Twidale’s name was on the deeds, he should be free to do what he wanted with his property. “He has paid for/mortgaged the property, so surely his choice,” she said.

“Plus it looks very nice and is better for parking - an issue which seems to be overlooked with new builds.”

And Hollie Lindridge though the developer was overreacting: “ Absolutely pathetic. Fair enough if it looked a mess but it looks lovely,” she said.

But not everyone was so sympathetic.

Carol Burton said: “When you buy houses you need to read everything. In your contract that you sign it states what you can and can’t do,” while Charlene Gilbraith added: “It’s all explained to you when you buy a new property.”

Nathan Barker said: “It’s unlucky if it’s written in a contract he’s signed. Up to him if he chose not read all of the paperwork.”