Mixed response to council’s crackdown on fly-tipping in Hartlepool

Ted Hall next to items that have been dumped.
Ted Hall next to items that have been dumped.

The introduction of on-the-spot fines to punish fly-tippers in Hartlepool has drawn a mixed response.

Hartlepool Borough Council launched a crackdown on illegal dumpers, adopting a fixed penalty amount of £400, the maximum allowed.

Flytipped rubbish.

Flytipped rubbish.

No discount is being offered to offenders to pay their fines promptly.

The decision of the council has been met with mixed views.

On the Mail’s Facebook page, Mark Topping wrote: “If you don’t charge people to use the tip, you won’t get as much fly-tipping.”

Steve Atkinson added: “The problem is they don’t let non-commercial vans into the tip.

“Second, the tip closes, with no announcements for up to 30 minutes.

“Third, the cost – it’s not rocket science – to let them in and not close the tip for stupid reasons, and do away with costs. After all, if the councillors can afford a 33 per cent rise, then surely the tip should be free.”

Michael Baxter posted: “You decided to charge people for using the tip.

“This was always going to happen and people will continue to fly tip while you’re being greedy wanting more money from people.”

Ian Saunders said: “Never had this problem when I was a kid because I remember skips placed around the town.”

Glynis Gardiner wrote: “Why can’t the community skips be used again?”

Angie Ashley added: “I definitely agree with the no fly-tipping, but the council need to stop being so fussy about what you can put in bins as the binmen won’t empty a bin if there’s a black bag in it as they aren’t allowed to.”

Anth Frain had a different view. He wrote: “I despair that people are making excuses for fly-tippers and blaming the council.

“These people are blighting our town and environment and you’re making excuses for them!

“It’s nothing to do with charges (normal waste isn’t charged) it’s laziness and disrespect – nothing more.”

Dawny Haswell added: “Place the monthly skips around the town again then it would not be a problem.

“I remember there always being skips around each area and there was never any rubbish lying around in back alleys, streets and gardens.”

Coun Dave Hunter, chair of the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee which approved the introduction of FPNs, said: “We want to send out a clear message that fly-tipping will not be tolerated.

“Fly-tipping is a significant blight on the town’s environment and it costs the council tens of thousands of pounds a year to clear up.”