Mixed views on suspension of students over ‘discriminatory’ tweet

Hartlepool Sixth Form College.
Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

A college’s decision to suspend 17 students for two days over a ‘discriminatory’ tweet has received mixed reactions from Mail readers.

Hartlepool Sixth Form College took the action this week against a number of students who had liked or shared a Twitter post.

It is understood to have been posted by a former college student but featured a photo of a current overseas student and a comment deemed racist by college leaders.

Comments from readers on the Mail’s Facebook page about the story were divided.

Some agreed with the college’s stance which said it expects students to live up to its standards of inclusion and respect at all times.

Others said it was an example of Big Brother watching them.

Michelle McIntyre said: “Good. It’s about time bullying and racial abuse was targeted. Well done to the college.”

Beverley Yeoman Glover said: “I agree with Michelle. Well done.”

And Laura Watson posted: “Well done to the college for taking a firm stance on this kind of behaviour. Stop it now and make people realise there ARE consequences for your actions.”

But James French said: “People not allowed to say what they think for fear of being branded racist.”

Evvy Safey Harwood asked: “And why are they even looking at students twitter page.”

And Anthony Soggy Parsons wrote: “Nice to know big brother is watching YOU.

“If the comments were posted on the students own devices outside of college, then the head teacher is in the wrong. She cannot control what students say or do outside of college.”