'Is this money creating jobs for Hartlepool people?' - what you said about £42million funding boost

Readers have been having their say about Hartlepool Council securing an extra £42million in funding to improve the town.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 11:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 11:53 am
20million of the cash coming from the Tees Valley Combined Authority will be spent on the Hartlepool Waterfront development.

The cash, from the Tees Valley Combined Authority investment plan, takes external investment in Hartlepool to more than £160million in recent years.

Here's what you said about the money, and what it should be used for:

Church Street in Hartlepool is one of the areas which has already been spruced up.

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Graham Harrison: "This money was secured for us by Ben Houchen, the Tees Valley mayor. A man who, in my opinion, has done more for our area than all the councillors put together. Thank you Ben Houchen ... keep up the good work."

Andy Hagon: "In the May elections you will be able to say whether you think the Labour leadership are spending our money wisely and if you trust them with any further monies we get. What we will get from the Waterfront development is low-paid seasonal work, not the industrial /manufacturing jobs the town really needs."

Richard Lees: "Is this money creating jobs for Hartlepool people? If it is, are those jobs sustainable? Those are the sort of questions that we need answering. All we seem to see are cuts to vital services, and increased council tax demands. If this money is making a difference we need to know how."

One reader says Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen deserves much credit for the extra funding on its way to Hartlepool.

Carol Burton: "More money for the council to waste and still they up our council tax to the max for less in return."

Darren Sutherland: "How about sorting out all the empty shops in the town? But no, let's sort out a road through the middle of town that serves its purpose."

Mikala Pearce: "Shocking when Hartlepool is losing funding for youth centres next year."

Gunter Parvin: "Can someone tell me where the £160million we've had over the last few years has been spent? This town has been going down the pan for years. Industry and employment have been sucked out of this town."

Zoe Gofton: "We were promised millions of pounds worth of development to Church Street and Seaton front. I can’t see where that money has been spent?"

Mick Sawdon: "Child and adult services as well as infrastructure in Hartlepool could do with a massive cash injection."

Beryl Hann: "They promise things and it never happens. Let’s see if it does. I won’t hold my breath."