More Hartlepool businesses back NEvolution campaign

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More Hartlepool businesses have today given their backing to the new Hartlepool Mail-backed NEvolution campaign.

Just 24 hours after we kicked off our bid to influence Government spending, two more firms joined the fight.

Bev Wood working on the back of her brother John Christal. Picture by FRANK REID. IRN

Bev Wood working on the back of her brother John Christal. Picture by FRANK REID. IRN

One said she would love to be a part of a scheme which promoted the region’s skills base while the second said it could lead to more business for area’s such as Hartlepool.

Michelle Taylor moved to Newcastle with her designer lingerie firm Tallulah Love after first setting it up in Hartlepool, where she lives.

She said: “NEvolution is a really good idea. It feels at the moment as if a lot of decisions affecting the North-East are taken by people in London who perhaps don’t know the area and might not be aware of what is going on.

“I would love to get involved in a project like that where skills could be developed. I am seeing more and more designers coming through but I would like to see more support for them.”

Bev Wood, who runs the Bev Wood Holistic and Beauty Therapies business in the Hartlepool Enterprise Centre in Brougham Terrace, said: “This could certainly generate new business if there was more devolved power for the area.”

“We could have more of a say and more of an influence on the North East. That would be great.

“If you go anywhere else in the country, it seems as if there is more support.

“We need something to lift us and more devolved power could be it,” added Bev whose firm offers services such as massages, reflexology, ear candling, foot spas and health and fitness advice.”

NEvolution will call for the North-East to be granted more devolved power from Whitehall in skills, transport, and funding.

Dignitaries in Hartlepool have already given their support.

It presents a united voice that makes the case for economic investment in the North-East. It is hoped that the campaign will help shape announcements made in the Chancellor’s Spending Review, on June 26.

We want the Spending Review to take up the points recommended in the Heseltine Report, published in November.

Lord Heseltine was asked to look into ways of improving the economies of English cities. He recommended devolving power to the English regions. His report, called No Stone Unturned, also advised that a single local growth fund to deal with housing, skills and transport should be set up. His ideas were largely praised by the Chancellor and the Government announced it would largely accept the report.

Skills and transport are among the areas that NEvolution will campaign for.