More than 150 items stolen from Tesco in Billingham


Police are hunting for two men after a break-in at a Tesco store - with more than 150 items stolen.

The incident happened at the Tesco on Leeholme Road, Billingham, at about 4.30am on Wednesday.

Police believe two men were responsible, and they are described as wearing dark tracksuits with the hoods up.

The following items were stolen from the store:

2 x Digihome 43 inch TV

3 X Grim series DVD

12 X Tea towels

1 x wet and dry shaver

4 x Fox star wars DVD

1 x Remington beard kit

3 x Lego Ninjago DVD

8 X Gillette Fusion power razor blades

3 x Oral B Pro 4000 electric toothbrush

5 x Oral B prof care electric toothbrush

12 x Gillette Razor blades

8 x Oral B Vitatlity electric toothbrush

10 x Wilkinson Sword razor baldes

3 X Colgate electric toothbrush

5 x Gillette Mach razor blades

4 x Oral B pro 2000 electric toothbrushes

1 x Phillips sonicare toothbrush

1 x Colgate electric c600 toothbrush

4 x Gillette Fusion blades

1 x Oral B Prof care 600 floss action toothbrush

1 x Phillips sonicare clean care plus

7 x Gillette fusion razor blades

4 x Mach 3 turbo razor blades

10 x Wilkinsons Sword hydro 5 razor

2 x Oral B white and clean electric toothbrush

10 x Oral B pro clean mint toothpaste

6 x Gillette Venue razor baldes

12 x Oral B complete toothpaste

7 x 4 x deep heat packs

5 x Loreal hairspray 400

A spokesman for Cleveland Police said: "Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone who may have been offered any of the items for sale is asked to contact Detective Constable Andrew Moreland on the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or"