Motivated Kaylee is on fitness trail

GETTING fit started out as a charity challenge for Kaylee Sirs.

But it has become so much more for the Weigh Forward contestant since she first began competing in the challenge around two months ago.

Now, the 39-year-old can run for miles, is following a healthy diet and books herself in for more training sessions on top of the ones she does as part of the challenge.

And on top of that, she has raised £205 for the Hartlepool Borough Council chairman’s chosen charity.

It has been quite some transformation for Kaylee, who is a councillor for the Foggy Furze area.

She explained why she first joined Weigh Forward: “Two weeks before the competition, I signed up to sponsor the chairman Steven Akers-Belcher’s charity.

“He is raising money for youth clubs in the town.

“A few of the councillors are dieting for three months and that motivated me to join Weigh Forward as well. So far, I have raised around £205.”

But what started out as a push towards her aim of dieting has taken Kaylee to a whole new healthier regime.

She said: “It has definitely raised my fitness level. When I started, I could not run at all. If I ran for a bus, I would be out of breath.

“But myself and some of the others from Weigh Forward went for a run yesterday and we went from Seaton to the Marina, along Church Street and Mainsforth Terrace running and walking.

“I know I have improved and I feel like I have lost weight.”

Kaylee often has to strike a balance between civic duties such as attending council meetings, and fitting in exercise sessions.

She has come up with her own solution. Whenever she can’t make it to Weigh Forward training sessions, she books in for extra stints with Steven Smith, the personal trainer who is getting our contestants into shape.

But Kaylee loves being part of the Weigh Forward team and said: “We are a close knit group and Steven has been really good in training us. He is very well organised.”

Weigh Forward was launched by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Tavistock Leisure and personal trainer Steven.

The eventual winner will celebrate a hotel stay and one-to-one personal training for two months. A month’s supply of personal training will also be offered to the runner up.

But Kaylee said: “No-one is talking about the prize. We are just all there to support each other.”

Anyone interested in getting fit can call Steven on 07861520717.