Motorist claims he was fined by Hartlepool camera car while helping at scene of car crash

Marc Wallace holding his Penalty Charge Notice
Marc Wallace holding his Penalty Charge Notice

A MOTORIST claims he went to the aid of a friend who had been in a car crash - only to be slapped with a fine after being snared by Hartlepool’s camera car.

Mark Wallace pulled over on to a cycle path after he spotted a female friend had been involved in an accident on Hartlepool’s King Oswy Drive.

The 30-year-old parked up before going to see she was alright.

But Mark was left shocked and angry after his actions landed him with a £35 fine from Hartlepool Borough Council, which arrived in the post a few days later.

The council says it will consider reviewing his case if he can provide proof of the accident.

But Mark, a support worker, from the King Oswy area, said: “You try and assist at the scene of an accident and you get penalised.

“I will have to get insurance details off my friend to prove there had been an accident. But how would I get proof if it was a complete stranger? I think it’s disgraceful.

“I pulled over to the safest place possible to assist with the accident and make sure everything was OK.”

Mark’s friend had opened her car door to get out when another car came past and collided with it at around 3pm on Friday, September 13.

The fine will double to £70 if Mark, married to Joanne, 38, does not pay up within 21 days.

A council spokesman said Mark’s car was parked on a section of King Oswy Drive where no waiting or loading is permitted during school collection times.

The spokesman said: “Mr Wallace subsequently appealed against the penalty charge notice which he received, but the photographic evidence which the camera car had collected was unable to confirm that an accident had occurred.

“We therefore sent Mr Wallace a letter refusing his appeal but also advising him that we were willing to reconsider that decision if he provided proof of the alleged accident in the form of a copy of the police incident report or the insurance report regarding the other vehicle.

“We are currently awaiting a response from Mr Wallace.

“Requesting supporting evidence such as this is an accepted part of the appeal procedure and a decision on whether or not to proceed with the original penalty charge is then made, based on any mitigating circumstances and the strength of any supporting evidence provided.

“Ultimately, if the council rejects the appeal, Mr Wallace would have the option of referring the decision for further review by the independent parking adjudicator.”