Motorist ‘passed out’ at wheel

A MOTORIST was taken to hospital after she apparently passed out at the wheel and smashed into a bollard.

The woman in her 20s crashed in Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery, at around 7.45pm yesterday.

She was unconscious when emergency services arrived and is thought to have blacked out before coming off the road.

Firefighters had to break into her maroon-coloured Ford Ka to allow paramedics access and to take her to Sunderland Royal Hospital to be checked over.

Ray Sillito, watch manager at Peterlee Fire Station, said: “It is believed the female driver had fallen unconscious for some reason and crashed the car. She was unconscious in the front seat so we had to break in so paramedics could attend to her.

“There didn’t seem to be any injuries and the woman had come around before being taken to hospital.”