Motorists are in the zone

Peter Frost
Peter Frost
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A SERIES of new 20mph zones are being enforced in and around Hartlepool to help make the roads safer.

The new speed restrictions are being implemented in busy residential streets after backing from residents.

Tunstall Avenue, a popular cut through from Hart Lane to Grange Road, has had new speed limit signs put in place along with Granville Avenue that runs adjacent to it.

North and South Drive, off Tunstall Avenue, are also now 20mph zones along with Serpentine Road incorporating Knightsbridge Gardens and Creswell Road, near Ward Jackson Park.

Motorists will also have to hit the brakes while travelling through Elwick and Dalton Piercy villages after councillors approved the scheme earlier this year.

A number of other 20mph zones are also on the horizon.

Peter Frost, Hartlepool Borough Council’s traffic and transport team leader, said: “The council held a town wide scrutiny investigation a while ago into roads across the town.

“We said that in areas where people were in favour of having the zones we would take them forward.

“A good majority of people consulted on the new ones seem to be in favour and hopefully it will make a difference to road safety in the areas.”

The plans to cut the speed limit through Elwick were backed after concerns were raised about vehicles using the village to go to and from the busy A19.

Council officers stressed that the routes through the villages are narrow with bends and inclines at various points.

Councillor Ray Martin-Wells, for the Rural West ward, previously said: “We hope residents will feel more secure in the knowledge that cars will now have to reduce their speed by 10mph and from time to time we will be working with Hartlepool police to ensure that speeds don’t creep back up.”

Plans for a similar 20mph zone in Hart are due to be decided by the council either just before or just after Christmas.

The council’s neighbourhood services committee is due to consider schemes for the Headland and Lincoln Road, on the Fens estate, when it meets in December.