MP backs campaign

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AN MP has backed an animal welfare campaign.

Easington MP Grahame Morris attended the launch of the RSPCA’s Fairer Fillings campaign to support the charity’s call for people to consider animal welfare when buying or making their lunch.

The campaign encourages people to swap their usual meal with at least one lunch during the week that contains higher welfare ingredients.

He said animal welfare is becoming an increasing priority for food shoppers and retailers are providing new ranges of higher welfare produce, but when it comes to making or buying a sandwich for lunch, people rarely think about animal welfare.

Britons eat more than 11 billion sandwiches every year with more than half being made at home. So the RSPCA’s Fairer Filling’s campaign is seeking to raise awareness of what people to consider the conditions the animals have lived in when deciding what to use.

To be sure that the animals have been reared on farms inspected to RSPCA standards, consumers should look for the Freedom Food logo.

But if people cannot find an RSPCA Freedom Food sandwich, other useful terms to look for include: barn (eggs only), outdoor bred or outdoor reared (pig meat only), free-range or organic.

Mr Morris, who visited the RSPCA’s Fairer Filings sandwich stall during an event at the Houses of Parliament, said: “We are all concerned about higher animal welfare standards, but when grabbing a convenient sandwich for lunch animal welfare is often the last thing the people think about.

“It is great that so many higher welfare food options are now available for people to choose from and I urge shoppers to look for the Freedom Food logo to make sure their sandwich contains a fairer filling.”