MP calls for probe into granddad’s death after heart attack in hospital car park

Charlie and Doreen Hall
Charlie and Doreen Hall

AN MP has called for a full investigation into the death of a grandad who suffered a heart attack in the car park of Hartlepool’s hospital - only to be driven 14 miles by ambulance for treatment in Stockton.

The support from Hartlepool’s MP Iain Wright comes on the back of a massive public response to the Mail’s story on the tragic case of Charlie Hall, who died after a five-day fight for life at the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton.

More than 6,000 people looked at the story online and over 70 comments were made on our website and Facebook page, and at @HpoolMail on Twitter.

Readers voiced their anger and concern about the stripping of the accident and emergency department from the University Hospital of Hartlepool in Holdforth Road where Mr Hall suffered the heart attack, with many saying their fears that someone would die as a result of services being moved had been realised.

Today MP Iain Wright said: “Mr Hall’s case is tragic and I extend my deepest sympathies to Mrs Hall.

“I want to see the people of our area receive the best, most appropriate and professional medical care and attention in all circumstances.

“Mrs Hall’s MP is Grahame Morris, and I will work closely with Grahame to ensure that a proper investigation is carried out by the NHS trust and that Mrs Hall and her family receive the answers they need.”

Mail readers left online comments about the case with Stephen Taylor saying: “That is awful and councillors give their self a pay rise, and chief executive. About time we hit the streets like any other country would. We’re getting walked all over. Give us our hospital back r.i.p.”

Pauline Whittingham added: “Totally disgusting, that’s why we need our hospital. My thoughts are with his wife and family.”

Natalie Brown said: “Absolutely disgraceful, why the hell did they close the A&E at Hartlepool??”

Valerie Flynn said: “So sorry to read this. My thoughts are with the family. Questions to be asked no doubt.”

Amy Ward added: “Heart goes out to the family, we’re all worried in this town that next time it will be one of our family, get it sorted and soon.”

Samantha Lythe said: “That’s why we need our hospital back to what it was! That poor man might of had a chance. R I P x”

Brigadier B said: “This is the harsh reality and implications of high level decisions that do not consider local views.”

Freddie added: “Condolences to Mr Hall’s family. Its a very sad event that unfortunately is likely to be repeated at some point.

“The people of Hartlepool really need to make their opinions known on this issue and the best way to do that is to think very carefully about where they place their votes come 2015.”

Keith Fisher, a councillor and head of the Save Our Hospital group, wrote: “This very, very, sad death was, and is, a disaster to a family. It is tragic for the family but was so predictable.”

Midnightbear added: “Writing to MPs etc will not change a thing. It’s not financially viable end of story.”

Grandad-of-four Charlie died at North Tees Hospital, in Stockton, five days after he had suffered the heart attack in the car park of Hartlepool’s hospital.

His distraught widow Doreen wanted to know why he wasn’t taken back into Hartlepool’s hospital.

The Trust have confirmed they are carrying out an investigation into the circumstances of the tragic death.

Granddad-of-four Charlie had been for a routine CT scan at the University Hospital of Hartlepool on November 20 but took ill immediately afterwards and collapsed in the car park.

His desperate wife Doreen, 59, rushed back inside the building to find a doctor while Charlie was slumped over his car and had stopped breathing.

Nurses dashed out and performed CPR but instead of taking Charlie back in to the hospital, paramedics were called and he was treated in an ambulance, which arrived two minutes later before transporting him to Stockton where he later died.

Heartbroken Doreen has also since been told that Charlie, a retired pit miner and dad-of-two and step-dad-of-three, was suffering with heart disease and also had pneumonia which tests had not picked up.