MP demands answers

HARTLEPOOL MP Iain Wright has submitted a written question to the House of Commons as he continues to search for answers regarding a missing memory stick.

The USB stick, thought to contain details of stress tests at Hartlepool’s nuclear power plant, went missing last month at a nuclear conference in India.

Mr Wright has demanded reassurances since the slip-up and believes more needs to be done about the matter.

He asked what was being done in the House of Commons earlier this week and was told the matter was being looked into and reassured the loss of the stick poses no threat to national security.

Charles Hendry, the minister of state for energy and climate change, told him: “Let me reassure the Honourable Gentleman that we have looked into the matter.

“Any loss of a memory stick is a matter of concern, but we have looked at the information that was contained in it, and it was not critical.

“Although the loss is inconvenient and irresponsible, it poses no threat to national security.”

But Mr Wright was far from pleased with the response and now plans to push the matter further.

He told the Hartlepool Mail: “This is a serious breach.

“It happened overseas and it contains details of the nuclear power station of our town.

“People have the right to know where it is and what is happening.

“I want reassurances, questions remain unanswered.”

Mr Wright submitted his question yesterday and said he expects to hear an answer by next Thursday at the latest.