MP’s Early Day Motion calls for action on A19

Queues on the A19 following an accident.
Queues on the A19 following an accident.

A North East MP is stepping up the pressure on the Government as part of the drive to improve safety on the A19.

Easington MP Grahame Morris has been a keen supporter of our Safe A19.

This House calls on the Government to undertake an urgent review about road safety on the A19

Grahame Morris’ Early Day Motion

We are calling on the Government to carry out an inquiry into the safety of a road which saw more than 70 people injured between Teesside and South Tyneside last year.

Mr Morris has called for an inquiry into ‘the causes and reasons there are so many incidents.’

Now he has submitted a series of questions urging Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to release information relating to the road and tabled an Early Day Motion urging the Secretary of State to carry out ‘an urgent review’ into the safety of the road.

The draft motion says: “this House calls on the Government to undertake an urgent review about road safety on the A19; expresses concern at the regularity and number of accidents on the A19 which frequently results in road closures and diversions through villages and residential areas; believes the Department for Transport should also undertake a cost benefit analysis of road improvements compared to the excessive costs to the emergency services when attending road traffic accidents; believes there are a number of structural issues such as short slip roads, multiple exits, slow moving vehicles, and significant vehicle volume; also recognises issues of driving standards, excessive speed, failure to maintain suitable distances between vehicles and other dangerous driving practices; is concerned at the ongoing austerity cuts by the government which is restricting resources and reducing officer numbers for Durham Police, the only outstanding police force in the country according to HM Inspector of Police; notes the A19 is vital for the North East economy and the local economy on the East Coast; calls on the government to add substance to the Northern Powerhouse rhetoric by investing in North East road infrastructure and specifically the A19 as a major economic contributor for the region; and demands the Department for Transport undertake an urgent review of road safety on the A19 to identify necessary structural improvements, the need for greater traffic enforcement and actions to improve driver behaviour and driving standards on the A19.”

Mr Morris has also submitted questions on how much of the £175 million allocated to local highways authorities will be spent on the A19, why the road casualty figures for 2016 have not been published and the average cost of dealing with a fatal accident on an A road.