Mum asks for prayers for Bradley as he prepares for tests after new treatment

Bradley Lowery pictured at home this week.
Bradley Lowery pictured at home this week.

Bradley Lowery and his family are preparing for a series of checks to find out if pioneering treatment is working.

The five-year-old from Blackhall is undergoing antibody therapy to give him as much time as possible.

It is after doctors found the neuroblastoma cancer he had beaten once before had returned and treatment had not shrunk his tumours.

In the latest post by his mum Gemma on his Facebook page, she says he has had a quiet week and has been recovering from treatment "but he has still managed to have lots of fun playing with his cousins."

It adds: "Bradley has a CT scan and a MIBG injection on Tuesday, a MIBG scan on Wednesday and a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday.

"These scans a very important as they will tell us if the new treatment is working or not.

"I am so nervous about these scans - part of me wants to know if it is working but part of me doesn't want to know in case it's not the news I want to hear.

"I get through life thinking positive, I get through our situation thinking positive but sometimes the doubts take over my thoughts and then well then that's when the unbearable thoughts come.

"Please pray scans are good next week, please pray that the treatment is working and my brave boy gets to spend more time on this earth lighting everyone's day up with his beautiful smile."

MIBG scans, which take their name from the chemical used in the procedure, are used to look for uncontrolled or abnormal cell growth in the body.

The patient has a substance called an isotope injected into them and that then travels around the body and sticks to abnormal cells.

This then helps experts identify areas of concern using a gamma camera, as the abnormal areas show up as 'hot spots' on scans.

Thousands of people have wished Bradley well since the post was put online earlier this evening.

More details about Bradley's campaign can be found through his Facebook page here.